Eon (Trailer) Entry: Tomasz Jedruszek


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: EON trailer by Tomasz Jedruszek


Oooo powazny zawodnik sie szykuje - pozdrawiam i bede obserwowal ;]


Another challenger!:scream: weeelcome! and good luck 4 your trailer.There is very shot time to close this project! so…post quikly! very cool stuff on your portfolio…did you develope a 2d trailer?



My plan was to take a part only in 2D ,as usuall - but meanwhile i went on the 3D side a little so maybe I would submit to 3D section too. And trailer is even more exciteing :smiley:


Yeah, some very nice stuff in your portfolio. Can’t wait to see what you do with a trailer. Welcome to the challenge!


I know this might sounds too professional but Paranormal studio is just one-person fan project :slight_smile:


page 2of5 .

my main idea is to make this as far mysterious as possible. less you know about the story after wathing this trailer the more you wish to see entire movie. I think


3rd page of the storyboard.

Im thinking about replaceing “faith” with “love” in order since “faith” telling about war comming and "love " show this war… yes ,they should be changed



technical solutions: I think the easier (for me) would be to use 2D images ,maybe panned aor zoomed?
but it is my ambition to use some 3D animations as well real video fotage with real actors (probably would be my friends or family )


and 5/5

soundtrack? no doubts on it -Aliens vs predator golden edition(PC) soundtrack. And maybe some “dead can dance” ,will see.

sfx :all would be life recorded in “studio” - my 24sqrm appartment lol


Wow! Really great start here. Nice looking boards.

For the sequencing after the quote, consider maybe just sticking with the order the words actually fall in, i.e. faith, hope, love (= salvation, future, war = politician, tanks, bombs) which seems to me to be a fairly logical progression. And the nice thing about it is that it maintains a certain rhythm by coming in sequence. Just my take on it, of course.

But definitely very compelling.


not yet -means no texture yet. Stone was made in Z-brush(of course) and rendered in Bryce - only one which held (close to) one milion polys model- max ,vue crashed on attempt to import z.obj. I guess it is big time to invest in stronger PC.
this model is suppose to be main character in my trailer so im not sure if this is final shape - my intention was to create it alien’s ship-like rather than “natural” piece of universe, in other words I’d like it looks like BUILD.


hmm…another try on Stone concept, i think it looks more creepy now and less “vegetable-like” …but from the other hand is a kind of fat motherf… fellow, now.
Anyways i 've already spend enough time on this rock ,and I should move forward .


Welcome to the arena. :slight_smile: Your storyboards are really nice seems to flow nicely. It seems we must think alike because you have pictured alot of the scenes the same ways as I see them in my mind. Your rock looks really cool too. I’m not suprised that Vue crashed either Thats alot of detail. Good luck with the trailer hope to see some more work from you.


Gonna spoil your fun - music must be original composition. You cannot use others people music unelss they are in your team… it sucks big time, but thats the rules…


then… Houston we got a problem


Great detail on the stone. I like the second image better personally. The first one looks too much like a pear shape or a gourd or something.

On the music front, I posted a question in the FAQ about using loops for composing a soundtrack for the trailer and the answer was that loops are fine. There’s both ACID Express and a free thirty-day trial version of Adobe Audition (among others, I’m sure) which use loops. Having some background in music probably helps, but a person might be able to come up with something decent enough with just tinkering around with the software. I found both programs to be fairly intuitive. Hope that helps.


Interesting… interesting.
Good story board, specially shot with a politic :slight_smile:

Make it like you see it and i think it will be interesting story.

Have a good luck !!!


Nice boards Morano…
It looks like a realistic amount of work for the time given. Let’s see it!


it is time to fight with the time. Must check if all these stuff going to fit those 90 seconds. I realized there is no point to spend time on animations and models while maybe they could not even take place in trailer. So first thing first - check time line then , if some space left -add whatever you want…