Eon (Trailer) Entry: Simon Bull


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: story


just my idea down quickly

the bit at the end will be fast flash scenes of the later parts of the book…


im really excited about this one :slight_smile:


Welcome to the challenge! You’re off to a great start getting your rough boards up already. Will you actually have different people speaking in Japanese and German (with subtitles, I presume)? That would be cool.

One question: based on your boards, how will people link what is happening on Earth with the appearance of the asteroid? I’m not sure I quite see the connection being made there yet, since right now it seems (to me) as though they’re put together without any obvious connection (although sometimes that sort of thing can pique viewer interest as well, I suppose). Just curious.

Anyway, great to have another challenger on board. Best of luck!


thabks for the fast feed back :slight_smile:

yeas they will be speaking their proper languages with subtitles
ive already got the actors sorted.

im aiming at more of a mysterious trailer…one that is going to more get you thinking “man that looks strange and cool…i wanna see whats going on there…”

i really love it when ive seen a preview for a movie then i go see it and im amazed by how much it DOESNT show…its more like a hook to get to there in the start…but maybe if the people have read the book then they can piece more of the puzzle together…lol



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