Eon (Trailer) Entry: Sarah Char


Hello! Myself and a few other new and non-pro Cinema4D users are entering this challenge. We are aware the competion for this contest is fierce, so our main goal is to just do the best we can with what our current skills will afford for us. Honored to be here and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Sarah aka. pix :.

We’d like to thank 3DKiwi of C4DCafe.com for lending us a forum to coordinate our project and for having such a great web site for beginners and advanced users of all things Maxon-made.


Welcome on board Sarah & company!! Good luck and enjoy the challenge! :smiley:

ThE-ShiFT team


Thanks, ThE-ShiFT team!

I know at the least MY knees are quakn’! Appreciate the welcome. :thumbsup:

pix :.


At least I may provide some needed comic relief modelling for y’all…:smiley:


Welcome to the challenge! Still a month left, so there’s lots of time. And if it’s any help, there are at least a few more of us non-pros floating around in here getting our feet wet. Best of luck!


Hey, there Maxon-gang!

I’m also fan of all things Maxon!
Altho, not be useing any of there products this time around. :smiley:
Alot can happen in a month - just kick in a high gear and jump on board!

Use the very best of your skills with the very best of luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone for the welcomes and hullos to the noobie crew! Maybe we’ll have this as the “feel good” thread: All you pros can pop in for a chuckle now and then while you’re rendering your stuff. :smiley:

Warning: what ever you see in this thread, don’t blame MAXON. They have great products, and some of the skills seen here may be less than a year old!

Sarah/pix :.


Ouch! Of course with us beginners we have commitment issues(especially over the holidays). So whoever is left is going to try to make something out of what we have. We’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and do this as a practice run for a future contest.

We are having a wonderful time looking at all the pros’ threads! Thanks for allowing us to be here.

pix :.


Since our gang had to dispurse due to assorted reasons (ranging from one member being in the hospital to those in school, to some needing to attend their professional work…) I’m just posting some of the art that was made to honor those in the group who did put in a lot of work… some are wips, some are just concept images. Thanks to all who participated!

   pix :.



Here’s more…




last ones… (couldn’t fit into a single post!)
Thanks again everyone!



Hey, I saw this stuff you posted yesterday, and just wanted to say I think your team was producing some really promising stuff. Those are some very nice images and models. It had the makings of a great entry in my opinion. Too bad other stuff came up that couldn’t allow you to continue in the challenge, but maybe another time. It certainly looks like you had all the right ingredients. :slight_smile:


I agree with fifty3dragons…did you finish the trailer anyway!?


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I was the one who ended up in the hospital and it really did kill me not being able to work on my part of the challenge. I found out just how addicted to 3D Ive become. Not being able to sit in front of the computer for more than an hour at a time (and then trying to ignore some pain) had me in withdrawals.

The entire experience was a learning experience for me at least and has pushed me on to my limits and finding out that perceived limits were just me not trusting myself.

Again thank you 53 and OZ!!



I’ll just ditto Daedulus… I’m in a similar (newbie) boat and he has some very eloquent words. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the wonderful comments, it does soothe the fact we didn’t get to finish our project. Dunno if there is interest in finishing our trailer, but I’ll help if there is! EON was a very cool book to read, and I coulda spent a year modeling characters and scenes and been very happy.

Cheers to all!
pix :.


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