Eon (Trailer) Entry: Sami Marsch


Here’s the final audio mix


Software: After Effects,Blender,Photoshop

Finally we have finished our EON trailer! Thanks to everybody!

I think we did good with the time we had. We had to cut some parts off because we simply didn’t have enaugh time to render those shots but I think this final version works without those parts quite well. We learned a lot during this process, it was fun and also very stressing. Now we just start waiting for next challenge! :smiley:

Good luck everybody!

Play Video >>


good trailer!good luck to you with this contest!:thumbsup:


Hey, great entry guys! Very well done, especially on such a tight schedule. I think my favourite shot was the final shot of the satelite. Very nice. And that’s a great model of the US president too. Looks just like a certain someone. :scream: And Niten, that’s a good shot of you in that newspaper. Very military-like! Is that all photograph, or was some of the equipment (guns, masks, etc) composited in afterwards?

Great job! I think it all came together very well.


I like your trailer, especially the ideea with newspapers.


I like it! Very NOIRish feel. And Mr.P - OMG :smiley: Great one. Good luck.


GonzaloGolpe: Thanks and same to you too :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons: Thanks, we really had a tight schedule because we started so late but I’m happy that we finished something. I only used photos. I just placed my digital camera to my work rooms shelf and pressed the button. All that military gear is from my “inpiration cabinet” :smiley: You wouldn’t believe what is in there :bounce:

spire: thanks :slight_smile:

Oweron: I finished Mr.P during the final nights polishing. I think he looks hilarious :thumbsup:


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