Eon (Trailer) Entry: Sami Marsch


OTV mesh finished


OTV with textures


Thanks. It really is a very tight schedule but everything is planned so that we are ready in time…hopefully :wink:


Hey, welcome to the challenge! Even at this late date you’re putting in some great shots. Keep up the good work and best of luck!!


I modeled the basic geometry in 3d max and then exportend it to zbrush for the final refining.


that first shot looks great, i realy like your earth.


We did some rethinking for the script last week and here it is. Its bit rough but you get the picture.


New script for the trailer.


Sequential shots from the first scene without the telescope and the stone


I forgot to mention last renders are missing the stars.


This work looks absolutely cewl!

I can add some music and sounddesign if you want/if needed.

For info, just visit my website: www.arnoldveeman.com

I also made an example of how my work could relate to visuals. It’s a non official thing but there was no music and sound design under it so I just gave it a try. (I haven’t got a response about it from them yet) But have a look:


Best wishes and keep up the good work!



Nice work on the revised script. I looked at it in comparison with the first version you posted, and I think you’ve really tightened it up. It flows very well, and is probably a littlemore managable for the time remaining. And those shots of Earth are wonderful. I looked back to your early post where you had the shaders broken down. I think I understand how the grayscale shader works, but how do you create the blue glow (I know very little about texturing and shading in 3D :slight_smile: )? Beautiful work.


I have worked past three days and nights without sleep to get this done and now I hear this… deadline is now 31th :scream: But thanks cgtalk crew, now we have more time to polist our trailer and hopefully add couple things that I had in mind.

Aerny: Thanks Aerny! Nice example with the sound, pro stuff. Sad to say but we already have a composer for our trailer but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons: Thanks! The “glowshader” is very simple. Put falloff to opacity slot and smooth mix curve with bazier-smooth. Then scroll down to output and enable color map. You have RGB color channels, choose the B and change its value to 2. Choose G and change its value to 1. Choose R and change its value to 0,5. Then go back to your maps rollout and copy your modified falloff from opacity to reflections. No its ready! You can play with the RGB and add some specular level to your shader.


GOSH!!!:eek: that earth model is amazing!! i used a lot of digital painted plates more than real 3d objects…im asking if i was able to do a so fine work if i already use 2d plates! My compliments…


Here’s a second try for patricia. Not perfect but it will do.


Here’s a shot from Red Square which comes batween two newspaper shots. It’s 2.5d shot. Background is photoshopped from photos and the Scud is 3d. Shadows are projectioned to plane object with matte/shadow material. I’ll post wip shots from the scud model tomorrow.


That’s a great composite! The scuds look very much a part of the image. Good job.


the last image is very very nice… great lighting… i also like patricia but her eyes look kinda strange… like you used an asian girl as reference… very nice work overall… keep it up… 8.5 days left…


Nice work, I’ve seen lots of quick modelling in other entries. And you’re delevering fine work in less time. Great job, like the earth model as I like that telescope. Evenso that 2.5d picture is fine, but hell those scud-windows are annoying me. I think those should be less bright and reflect rather stones than sky.

Both thumbs up,


Yes, looking real, some problems with reflection on Scud window, but it’s not a big problem.
So, nice compozing.

Keep on.