Eon (Trailer) Entry: Sami Marsch


First renders from the otv flight scene. I’m going do some changes to camera position. OTV panel lights are made using “video post”.


Great updates Niten! The Red Square is really promising, as well as all the others shots…would be lovely to look at them animated, but hey, we won’t have to wait more for that ! A little suggestion would be about the light in the space sequences: maybe brightening up the lit surfaces and contrasting the pictures would increase the quality…just a though.
Good luck, it’s a great work!


Looks like you’ve been busy here. Some very nice images. The OTV shot looks great. Thanks for posting the breakdown of those shots as well. It’s great to see how different people put things together. Best of luck finishing up!


Hei, the OTV really looks great like the entire scene.


spire: Thanks! :applause:

fifty3dragons: We are really busy :eek: Going to school, work and creating this at the same time is bit tricky. We are going to finnish our project but I think we are going to cut some parts off because we don’t have enaught time to render.

ThE-ShiFT: We had lot problems with our renders. OTV scene was specially dificult but thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:


Some shots from the sitsuation room scene. I hope I can polish them a bit before adding to final video.


Second try for the OTV


Our version of the title text


Here’s the final newspaper shot! Now just need to make final animations and polishing.


Looking good. Those are some great looking images you’ve been posting.

We had a number of shots we couldn’t finish as well, so we simply stuck in color-timed storyboards (which according to the rules of the challenge is perfectly acceptable). It isn’t as good as having fully animated sequences, of course, but it did mean not having to revisit the overall timing/pacing, etc, that we’d already established.

Good luck as you finish up!


I forgot to mension that I’m the fellow in the last newspaper shot :scream:


Music was done by my friend Jenni Saarinen. If you are in need of music you can ask if she is available for freelancing. Here’s her e-mail adress (jj.saarinen@pp.inet.fi). I’m going to post the actual music clip with the final video footage.


Here’s the final audio mix


Software: After Effects,Blender,Photoshop

Finally we have finished our EON trailer! Thanks to everybody!

I think we did good with the time we had. We had to cut some parts off because we simply didn’t have enaugh time to render those shots but I think this final version works without those parts quite well. We learned a lot during this process, it was fun and also very stressing. Now we just start waiting for next challenge! :smiley:

Good luck everybody!

Play Video >>


good trailer!good luck to you with this contest!:thumbsup:


Hey, great entry guys! Very well done, especially on such a tight schedule. I think my favourite shot was the final shot of the satelite. Very nice. And that’s a great model of the US president too. Looks just like a certain someone. :scream: And Niten, that’s a good shot of you in that newspaper. Very military-like! Is that all photograph, or was some of the equipment (guns, masks, etc) composited in afterwards?

Great job! I think it all came together very well.


I like your trailer, especially the ideea with newspapers.


I like it! Very NOIRish feel. And Mr.P - OMG :smiley: Great one. Good luck.


GonzaloGolpe: Thanks and same to you too :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons: Thanks, we really had a tight schedule because we started so late but I’m happy that we finished something. I only used photos. I just placed my digital camera to my work rooms shelf and pressed the button. All that military gear is from my “inpiration cabinet” :smiley: You wouldn’t believe what is in there :bounce:

spire: thanks :slight_smile:

Oweron: I finished Mr.P during the final nights polishing. I think he looks hilarious :thumbsup:


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