Eon (Trailer) Entry: Roberto Favini


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Patricia and Thistledown City


Software: 3ds max,VRay

Some to render of test of buildings that will compose Thistledown City


Software: 3ds max,VRay

Tests of rendering of Texture


Software: 3ds max

A initial sequence frame


Very nice structures! what software are you using?


Thanks. Use mainly 3ds max 8. Soon


Welcome to the challenge! Those are some nice looking models. I really like the look (and diversity) of the Thistledown structures.

Not a lot of time left, but best of luck!


Thanks!! Also to you!


Software: 3ds max,VRay

A frame of Thistledown City


Hey Robbe’! You’re fast and have made great stuff so far! Also the composition of the city looks good! Good luck with your trailer ! :thumbsup:


Thank you very much!


That’s a great shot of the city. Lots of nice detail. Looking forward to more!


Software: 3ds max,VRay

Pre-visualization of a passage.


Software: 3ds max,VRay

The trailer tries to illustrate , trough Patricia’s eyes , some of the archithetonic characteristic of Thistledown City . The sequence opens with a look of “the Stone” in the orbit of the earth , to go to
scenes wich describe moment of upset and remark of the protagonist , putted in front of an incomprehensible and misterious situation.
Patricia arrives to the city and observes the hig palaces and the huge structures illuminated by an
astonishong plasma’s tube.

Play Video >>


although the visual stuf isn’t the most impressive compering to others on this forum, soundtrack to it is almost amazing. :slight_smile:
the main crit is about girls walk cycle, that looks too robotic… :frowning:


Congratulations on finishing your trailer! And in such a short amount of time. Very simple and straightforward, but it gets the job done. I agree with Smb, the music is great. I especially like that model of the city.

Just one note: I think to qualify for the challenge you have to submit stuff in all the different categories (e.g. rough storyboards, edited storyboards, scratch audio track, etc, etc). I see that you’ve only posted stuff under the rough storyboard milestone and the finished trailer. Anyway, perhaps you just did the project for yourself which is great. But I thought I’d point that out just in case. :slight_smile:


This is a very nice effort indeed :slight_smile: I have to agree that the soundtrack is the strongest point, very evocative. Patricia’s walk is very masculine, but is otherwise very nicely modelled. I would have preferred less camera translation on some of the city shots but of course that is an entirely personal observation, I thin this is one of the strongest trailer contenders even without the backup storyboards etc.


Roberto- Congrats on finishing- I see you did this alone, as I have. Great work. Your patricia is very cool. Nice music- what did you use to make it? Sounds like a midi synth. If I had more time I might hook mine up, but that’s ok. And it’s 90 sec’s long. I like that uplifting drive.


Not bad… Try to make white flashes more longer. And in some frames Pan’s starts from static.
If you use flashes or other transitions, try to start you scenes from camera motion.


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