Eon (Trailer) Entry: Ricardo Garcês


i love the mood set by your last post, looking forward to seeing more soon. keep it up.


COOL! now things works better…Very nice coloured storyboards!


These are basic sketches I’ve done for the Orbital Space Station last night, I hope I’ll make a nice one “better than these” then start developing it into 3d as Ricardo adviced me before.
C&C Plz. Tell me what you think, Ricardo!


Hi MSaber, I appologise for my late answer, but I didn’t realise you had sent some messages.

For now on, please use my email to contact me. You can also find me on MSN almost all afternoon and night ( Lisbon/London time ).

All images you want to discuss, please send to my email.

Regarding the sketches, I think we could go with something like sketch 2, but with lots of rings. The space station structure should be huge.

You can model 3D and render, right? After the sketches are done, you must rush into the 3D developtment.
Probably I will make the mattes, animate them, then send to you so you can animate the spaceship and station, then you render them with alpha channels and send back to me, so I can compose into the final image.

We will keep discussing this conversation via email.

Best regards,



Hello Ricardo,

I’m glad you replyed, My spirit is up again ! Ok, I’ll go further with sketch 2, I’ll be modellind 3d very soon. Thanks :thumbsup:


Here are some 3d sketch for the Orbital Space Station “OSS” … Diameter=2000 Meters, widest ring diameter=100 M.


looking good!! good luck with the final!! :slight_smile:

-Eon Link-


Ricardo, my friend everything is looking good for this trailer, I was worried when I didnt see any initial work, but it looks great. I love the last storyboard sketch it was excellent.


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