Eon (Trailer) Entry: Ricardo Garcês


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Hey Ricardo, nice to see you joining in the challenge.

Good luck


Hi Riktor! Thank you very much.

I am joining along with a team of 2 Portuguese guys and 1 Italian. They are very good at each of their areas.
The team is:

Pedro Camacho - Music Composer - He is an amazing composer, check his website at www.musicbypedro.com

Stefano Menini - Director - He makes documentaries and Fashion shows coverage. He has impressive editing skills. Although his website is not working properly, you might want to keep an eye out for his demoreel sometime soon, www.stefanomenini.com

Andreas Rocha - Concept Artist and Mattepainter - I believe he might be the only true concept artist or maybe digital Painter in Portugal. His works are very good. He had some stuff shown at ImagineFX magazine. His website is not updated, but you can check his CGS gallery at andreasrocha.cgsociety.org

And finally, me.

We have been working on the storyboard, and has soon as it is complete I will post it online.

I would like to wish good luck to everyone. It is an honor to take part in these challenges side by side with the best artists worldwide.

UPDATE 07/11/2006

Both Stefano and Andreas have left the project. The reasons were lack of time and availability to commitment.

On a good note, we have another team member full of will to work. His name is Mostafa Saber, he is from Egypt. Check his CGS gallery at msaber.cgsociety.org

Welcome Mostafa!

Kind regards,



Hi everyone!

I know that almost no one has read this thread, but that will change very soon. We are stepping back on track from now on.

Stefano Menini, has quit the project unfortunately. He will be missed.

The rest of us, are still here, and ready to work hard and make this thing work.
I am submiting the first part of the Storyboards, the rest will post on sunday night.

Our trailer has 4 moments in the storyline, that will introduce different things. These are:

1º Introduction to a peacefull planet ( the before Stone )
2º The Stone ( The first plot )
3º Nations at war ( Second plot )
4º Introduction of the hero and setting the question on what will happen in the movie.

These are the four themes that the jury ( author ) considered important for release with the challlenge.

Enough of talk, here are the images:

Concept Art for Board 8:


Nice to see some more storyboards going up. You obviously have your approach well thought out. That concept art for board eight is especially well done. Looking forward to more. Best of luck on the challenge!


Hey 53Dragons, Thank you! The credit for the concept art goes to Andreas Rocha.

Has promised here is the complete storyboard. ( Please remember that this stuff is just for our guidance, it is not “art” !!.


Looking forward on some comments!

Best regards, to you all.



A was a bit in confusion about understanding your storyboards…I mean…the page structure is a bit uncommon (forgive my english please). Anyway i like the style in general. so…keep it up.


Hi OZ.

You are totaly right. I used Comic book templates to do the storyboard. Usually I would do it in a standard way, but I was lazy, and just grabed these and did the drawings on them. Since I am the one who’s shooting and compositing the trailer, the real storyboard is inside my head.

Anyway I apologise for making it hard to understand. Point taken, and next time I will do it more professionally.

Thank you for you comment.

Best regards,



Just wanted to check if I’m really in … ! Cant believe it guys, I’m in the team! yup yup, Let it Rock :bounce:


Storyboard Page 1


Storyboard Page 2


Storyboard Page 3


Storyboard Page 4


Storyboard Page 5


Storyboard Page 7


Concept art scene by Andreas Rocha


Essa cena colorida está bem bonita. Ficará muito bom quando o modelador se basear nessas artes (que ainda são esboços somente). O storyboard está se diferenciando dos outros por focar mais na Terra do que nos “chambers”, algo que deveria ficar no suspense, para deixar o suposto público mais curioso; ainda assim, não pensas em incluir umas cenas rápidas do interior da Stone? (não vi isso no storyboard).

Good luck!


Ola Anatomista.

agradecido pelos comentários.

Se não te importas vou responder em inglês.

Anatomista has refered that our aproach to the trailer is different because we are focusing in earth rather than the stone.
This is correct, we will show nothing about the inside of the stone. In our opinion that is the main surprise to the audience. We show the actors, both plots, we say that the hero is going to save everyone, but we finish with a shot of Earth getting destroyed. So the audience will ask it self how is the hero saving everyone, if everything is getting destroyed.

That is our approach on interesting the public to see the movie. Let’s hope it turns out ok.

Please keep visiting us for updates, your comments and critics are very welcome.

Kind regards,



I agree, I really like that the characters will be talking anxiously about the Stone, while you dont know why. That makes you anxious too!

By the way, I’ve started my search & it’s going great !


LoL. Don’t worry friend we’re watching. and might I say your last entry was very fine. Can I ask why the different scenes on the first page of the story board. The Desert and antarctica. Why have you shown these shots. I’m just curious thats all, not critisising. It seems you could start from page 2 and not lose any of the story.