Eon (Trailer) Entry: Raphael Estrada


Aaahhhhhh! Now its all becoming clear. Cheers man, maybe now I can get on with a concept that actually makes some sence


DOWN UP LEFT BACK TOP RIGHT BOTTOM…:eek: is easy to go mad with it! :slight_smile:
I love the truck design!!! curious to see it finished.
Keep it uP!


Very nice trailer concept. I also like the tagline you have “The end of mankind…”

I’m looking forward to seeing some great visuals to this timeline. How do you plan on doing the various short scenes? I was thinking of doing something like that too, but it sounded like a lot of work for just a few flashes of action. But if you can pull that stuff off, then it will be something that really makes your trailer hit hard.

By the way, I thought the stone chambers were supposed to be “squashed cylinders”? Does that mean that they should almost be elliptical in shape (except for the valley and the floor area)? Like squashing it on it’s other axis, you know??


I actually redid some of the storyboard. As soon as the new version is complete I’ll show it. Basically I took out the unnecessary stuff like the news guy and the shot of Hofmann and Lanier looking at the screens. Instead I just start off in space quietly, then as soon as the OTV shoots by the camera torward the stone, it remains more or less the same.

So I’ll concentrate on two storytelling levels

  1. Patricia arrives via OTV on the stone, gets driven by truck to Alexandria and discovers the bad news in a book
  2. Mirsky talking in the “off”, essentially saying “We will take it away from them”.

After that, those various short scenes begin, along with that phrase. Like I said, it becomes more clear in the storyboards.

To be honest, I don’t believe we will complete this project until deadline. We will try our best, but we really want to do this good, as a practice. So even if it takes until August 2007…we want it done right :slight_smile:


That’s a great attitude! This is to challenge us all to do something huge and get our brains thinking on a bigger level than just doing meticulous sculptures. The driving success of the cg industry and especially in films is the storytelling. People can present all the eye candy they want, but if there’s nothing being told, then boooo we say…

I think this is a great exercise for all of us, from the beginners to the experts, to flex our creative muscles and find out what our strengths and weaknesses are. The only way to do that is to have a tight deadline, an epic vision, and a desire to create something that moves on the screen as it does in our minds.

Sorry, you got me all inspired to make a speech. We all must finish this no matter how long it takes! :slight_smile:


I know this is totally unrelated, but I thought someone might know the answer to this: What does it mean by ‘Cap’ in relation to the seventh chamber, its really bugging me could someone help plz.


The cap is simply one end of the chamber. in the case of the 7th chamber of course, it’s the only end, and thus “the” cap.


So, Dave is starting to work on possible building concepts for chamber 2. We will only need the megas and the library in close-up detail, so that’s where he’s starting.

The idea was to work torward the chandelier design. We will stack some of those upon one another. The whole structure could be connected to the ground by ramps, similar to an oil platform or something. Cables will be strung from the whole thing, suspending it to the “ground” a few kilometers higher.

Something like that :slight_smile: WIP


COOL STUFF! i like the structure!


Interresting structures on the square-pylon in the center.
The whole building from this angle screams of shuttle-launch.

Lovely work.


Yes, really incredible construction :twisted:


Dave has built an early version of the library, of which mainly the entrance area will be shown. The idea: being more a museum than a library, the library should look a bit retro and still be modern. Textures and lighting are just standards, the aim was to get the size right.



First tests on the entrance area, also. There’s no door there, yet. It’ll be a big portal or something like that :slight_smile: As you may notice, the interior is still empty. Next update will probably have some book shelves and stuff.



That’s a beautiful model/concept for the library. Dave did a great job. Also the chamber 2 designs. Looks like you guys have been busy. I was interested in your storyboard modifications too. Sounds like you’ve really focused in on what you want to accomplish with this. Great stuff!


Thanks! Even though there are no mushrooms in it … yet … :lightbulb:D


fantastic! i love yor library it reminds me of the tower of babel. keep it up.


Thank you, opentarget.

Sadly, it is obvious that we will not be able to deliver anything to this challenge. We are all up to our necks in other projects which does not allow us to concentrate on EON as much as we must to complete this task.

But that is nothing new, we already knew it could come the way it did. We are still looking forward to all of your work, so good luck and happy animating!

Should we manage to invent a time machine and so be able to complete the trailer in the near future, then we will let you know - maybe your still interested by then!



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