Eon (Trailer) Entry: Raphael Estrada


the jarts are never actually seen in teh book.
they are teh enemy of the future humans.
future humans come in two (three)categories
those with few body modifiactions, basically human
those with some mods
those with totally designer bodies - sucha as a sphere fora bod and 3 or 4 legs,
the face can be projected on any part of teh sphere that is the torso. these are neomorphs.

good luck with the challenge.


Yeah, that’s a nice theme you’ve got going there. And not to disagree with Henrikl, but I rather liked the piano myself :slight_smile: . But I do agree that it’s a little bit even or repetitious right now. A little build up somewhere might be nice, just for some variation. But it’s a great start!


Well, this isn’t timed to the animatic in any way, it’s just a “play-around” (=> repeticious) loop I made to test the combination of certain instruments. I will make 3 or four of these, called something like “Beginning” or “Fast dramatic” or whatever…so I can later fit it to the final trailer perfectly.

Thank you for your reactions to the piano :slight_smile: Actually, I don’t think it fits in that well myself. It was one of the first elements, but much has changed since then. Maybe I can bring it in another way.

Storyboard is more or less done, just some sketches on main shots. The fine details are still missing. Also, the timing is just “guessed” while cutting it together, I’ll certainly tight it up more. Right now I’m setting in some raw subtitles with dialog, so you can maybe understand what direction I’m going. As soon as the subtitles are in, I’ll render it and upload it here. But score isn’t in it (yet)!



Software: After Effects

So here’s the rough sequence. It’s just main shots, some others are gonna be added at some time (closeups or so).

Titles at the top kinda describe the direction music will go. Dialog pieces are at the bottom. They’re basically all from the book, maybe I’ll have to change them sometime so it fits better.

The length will probably change, so it will probably get a bit longer, depending on the “various short scenes” at the end and how far we get at all.

Type is (of course) just a placeholder, the EON Logo, too. :slight_smile: Please ignore the messy editing and type placing…well, it’s all a mess :slight_smile:

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“The end of mankind is just the beginning.” What a great line! That’s got “smash movie trailer” written all over it. :thumbsup:

Fantastic job here. I thought the panels flowed logically, and the whole thing hung together very well. I am, of course, intensely curious about the “various short scenes” but such is the nature of the rough animatic, eh?


I’m glad you like it!

Those “various short scenes” are planned to be stuff like: introducing the V/STOL, attack on the asteroid, maybe a shot on the singularity, someone yelling, someone flying, something blowing up…the usual eye candy :slight_smile: That’s the thought at least…we will see, how far we can go.

We maybe got ourselves a fourth (and last) team member: a friend of mine, who works on architectual plannings and visualisations, is probably going to join us and help realize some buildings, parts of cities and so on. If he decides to help us, we’ll get him registerred here.


I LOVE THE “POTATO” MODEL!:thumbsup: well done!


Just a rough look at proportions of the city and the second chamber.


Dave-The-Brave’s got the great job of working on the second chamber city Alexandria. This is a first try. We want larger proportions, though: higher buildings, much wider city all in all - cause that city’s HUGE. :slight_smile:


First sketch on the truck.

The idea is that the truck would have a heavy military touch, since the first earthers didn’t know if hostiles were on the asteroid. Being very robust, flexible and barely (to not at all) armed, I was inspired the a german military truck used to detect atomic, biological or chemical weapons/substances.
Since most armored military vehicles lack of windows, I thought they could have added some to explore more and so on. The front part is the passenger cabin (2 front seats, then 2 rows of three in the back). Then, the back two-thirds are for freight and whatever. The side panels should contain sensors and other scientific gimmicks.
Emergeny hatch on the top of the passenger cabin (which is also a restover of military concept, where some dude with a machine gun would look out of).
Well, I’m still working on the details.


Just changed the tire idea. Wouldn’t be very practical if they were standing out left and right of the truck. First I thought of it being part beach buggy, like the one’s NASA has for the moon…now I’ll be putting the tires “into” the vehicle, making them smaller.


Software: Wings3D

The truck, in Wings 3D. WIP of course.

Gotta get some food and coffee now :wink:



I dont’ know about the rest of you guys, but I’m having big problems to understand the form/scale of the chambers. It says in the book: a squat cylinder, 50km in Diameter, 30km across the floor. Since the vocabulary in the book is already difficult for me, I might as well just ask you guys:

how do those chambers look? Is the “floor” actually spanned around the whole inner side of the chamber? The way gravity is described (zero gravity at the axis), it seems so. Then, where is atmosphere? Only at the “ground” (whicht would basically be everywhere…but then again, I haven’ read of anybody walking up walls) or all over the inside?

At first I believed the chambers would be more like on the pic I posted last week. Now I’m thinking about something like this (please overlook the crappy modelling).

Can anybody please help me out on this?


Surely :slight_smile:

The chambers are 50km diameter, you got that right. The “floor” is all the way around the edge, so that high buildings will point to the tube. Think of the film 2001 and it’s scene where a man jogs around the inside of the ship. That would mean the atmosphere in the above image is wrong, it needs to hug the floor all the way around like a sort of cylinder. The rotation of the asteroid keeps all the atmosphere (and everything else) pressed against the edge.

The tube - in the 7th chamber the tube is described as being a singularity 0.5 meters in diameter, very very thin compared to the scale of the Way (the Way is the name given to the 7th chamber) but I haven’t gotten around to finding out what the tube dimensions are in the other previous chambers. I would think your representation there is too big though, but I guess it’s all open to interpretation, if you want to change it - change it. Visual impact has to take some kind of front seat now & then.

I don’t know about the length of each chamber, but I do know that visibility in the 7th chamber is limited to 30km. (In fact I changed that detail for my trailer to give a more dramatic image).

Good luck with your progression, once you get the main concept of how the asteroid works than you should have no trouble putting that excellent design into practice :slight_smile:


Now it’s making sense to me. It’s interesting how you sometimes get stuck on the first picture that shoots through your mind. I should have figured that the rotation produces gravity on all sides. My main problem was actually the description of the squat cylinder. But now I get it (fast, eh?).

Thank you, especially for the example from 2001.

Oh, and by the way, a little update on our “progress” (if you can call it that):

We’re spending every little bit of spare time modelling and working on the concept. It’s just we’re to busy to actually work enough - I’m really really sorry about that, because this is really fun. Still, I threw away some of our storyboard and patched it up to show from another point of view. I love that sentence from Mirsky when he says: “But someday…the time will come…when we will take it away from them.” Our animatic will stay the same from the point where Patricia discovers the dark secret of the libraries. I also hope to keep that phrase about the end of mankind being just the beginning. I’ll see if I can redew the storyboard soon, chop it up and post it here.


Oh, and by the way, I thought the plasma tube - being the only source of light in the chambers - should be much thicker than half a meter…it does have to shine pretty bright, doesn’t it?

…then again…what the heck do I know about plasma tubes?


Well, to be fair it’s the singularity in the 7th chamber that is only half a meter wide, I don’t know how big the tubelights are in the other 6 chambers. If I were to model the Flaw in my scene as it’s described in the book, you’d never see it as I don’t currently have any scenes that get close to it. This is another example of something I’m going to have to take liberties with for dramatic effect, probably by making it glow a lot more than in the book so that it’s visible from the floor 25 km below.


As far as I know, the (only?) main thing visible from the ground are the rings moving quickly through the tube.

I hope I’ll get through the book soon, with every page I get new ideas and have to modify the trailer storyboard. :slight_smile:


how do the chambers work then, because I dont quite understand it all either, are they back to back seperated by walls, or are they all in the same space situated around the outside of the inside if you get what I mean? I’m uber confused by the whole thing, but reading these posts has definately helped.


Imagine the asteroid is hollowed out into one long internal cylinder the whole length of the asteroid. Then imagine this cylinder is sectioned off into 7 parts, so that they are “stacked” one on top of the other. They all have the same central axis, the same diameter, and I presume the same length (apart from the 7th chamber obviously). It’s a bit like you stacked 7 half-height food tins one on top of the other.

So when the asteroid is rotated around it’s long axis, all the chambers get the same amount of “gravity” from centrifugal force.