Eon (Trailer) Entry: Raphael Estrada


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Latest Update: Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Library concept 2


…everyone! We (myself and some buddies which registration is yet to come) are 'multimedia"-students at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany. Even though we’re busy as hell and basically have no free time at all we are gonna give this a shot…more for the fun of it than anything else. :wink:

Let’s see what comes out at the end…our basic idea right now is the trailer in 3D. I started some scetches the other day…as soon as we’ve got something you’ll get to see it.

Complements to lot’s of interesting stuff I’ve seen from other people here, by the way.

“Let’s get it on!”



Ok, my two other friends are also registered, so that’s done. We’ve been thinking about the kind of trailer we’re going for. Although none of us have read the novel, I have ordered it on amazon an - being the only one with more or less good enough English to actually absorb the content of the book - read the few chapters released here on the site.
I actually noticed that some people, having actually read the whole thing, keep mentioning an alien threat coming up later…which I haven’t really noticed during the short glimpse I caught reading those few pages.

So our main problem at the moment is that we don’t really know the full scale of story we are supposed to pack together and stuff it into the trailer…because, obviously, the more story you can choose from, the more freedom you finally get designing the trailer.

The book will be here in 1 - 3 weeks…since we can’t afford to wait that long, we’ll just start sketching “blind” concepts, think about atmo of the trailer and dramaturgy, hoping not to miss out an anything important.

So much for now :wink:


Software: Photoshop

First sketch of the asteroid here.


Hertzlich Wilkommen! (Hope my spelling i correct, my Deutsch is a bit rusty :)) Nice concept for the stone. Good luck wishes the Swedes.


Nice pic. It has a good “potato” feel to it (that will probably make more sense once you’ve read the book and the description of the stone) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the (almost) perfect German greeting :thumbsup:

Yeah, I read the ‘potato’-part. That’s actually why it looks like one. I’m getting the book tomorow, let’s see how fast I can read :slight_smile:


Software: Photoshop

Crazy mixed up ideas on chamber Nr 1.

A long canyon with a road running up to the tunnel which leads to chamber 2. Above: the plasma tube.


Nice pic. Real earthy tones, which is definitely fitting for chamber one. Glad to see you guys are still plugging away at it. Hope you continue to find the time.


I guess we won’t find enough time to finish the trailer the way it should be, but we’ll just see how far we get - besides this being our first challenge, we just don’t have much time to work on it…sadly.

We already got something like a storyboard, but I’ll have to find the time to sketch it out better and then post it here.

Meanwhile, I’m reading the book whenever I can…hope we’ll get something done :wink:


Software: Silo

3d tests of the asteroid


Software: Silo

3d tests of the asteroid (different perspective)


I’m just finishing our storyboard and was wondering if anyone could explain to me how the Jarts exactly look like. I just started reading the book but I don’t want to jump forward and spoil the rest…all I want to know is:

  • are the Jart enemies to the human inhabitants of the seventh chamber
  • are the Jart alien, as in really alien or are they rather humanoids
  • are there any other alien dangers in the infinity of that chamber? There seem to be a lot of species in there…but do the humans ever fight them?

Please don’t spoil more than necessary :slight_smile: I enjoy reading the book, just trying to complete my storyboard.


Software: 3ds max

My team member “the-evil” made this in 3d Studio Max. It’s a first try on Patricia.

Some things are not yet perfect, like the hair, the eyes…we will work on the texture also. But all in all, we’re quite satisfied.


Software: Silo

“HansderFisch” is working on Laniers face.


Looks like you’ve got a strong team. Nice work on patricia’s face.


I played around with different instruments and so on, looking for the right feel. No particular order yet - I’ll sort it and then cut the animatic to the music, maybe sometime next week.

Play Video >>


Didn’t seem to work out, whatever, since I started this I just as well might complete it:

[File removed, I’ll post a better version sometime, anyway]

Sorry for the mess.


Sound good, very well, keep on working !!!


You got a nice theme here. I would suggest that you keep on working on that symfonic feel. Ditch the piano, it seems of place. Also I would recommend starting out slower and gentler and then building up to sort of a crescendo. But, of course it comes down to how you want your trailer paced. Is your storyboard and general concept done? Can we see it? Pleeeeaase…:slight_smile: