Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mitchel Hunt


Finished the logo concept, and im pretty happy with it. The storyboard-ish drawing is showing the last scene in which the camera pans out from the observatory’s telescope’s lens and pans out to show the asteroid. The sun will turn into the logo, as shown, before the asteroid hits.


My computer is rediculously low on video memory, and I cant even render a simple test animation. Any suggestions on how to get more vid. memory on my computer?

Anyway I can get screenshots of the observatory i’m making and currently mapping, including a dock (not a space station dock, one on a lake/ocean) and some mountains for the final scene.

I still dont know too much about the book, I’m trying to get my hands on it though. Does anyone know a good place to buy it?


i like what you are doing with the letters. What kind of final production quality are you going to be working toward?


jolyrojr2: Thanks! And if by “production quality” you mean style, then im going for a realistic style. But i’m not too good at doing some extreme detail on people, so it will probably end up looking something like “The Triplettes of Belleville” in 3D.


Keep going, it´s all about story. Never mind computer problems.
Like your concept, a bit vague, keep on working. Tight it up. Great work!
/vic, pete and henke boy!


thank mitch
that is looking real good :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:


thanks for the advice, but it just seems kind of depressing to me if i cant even show people what i made…:frowning:


Very simple so far. To the extrerior i’m going to add a pathway that leads onto a dock at a lake. To the interior i’m going to add some astronomer equipment and a couple of chairs.


Since I can’t upload the video on the challenge page, I decided to upload it to YouTube. So here y’ar:



Any comments/critiques/suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated!


MMMH! NOT BAD, NOT BAD, NOT BAD!! :thumbsup: …a very dinamic trailer at this point! the travel in the water is a very nice idea!!


i would like to join…


thank you very much! its really encouraging to hear that someone is actually looking at this thread.


Heh. I know what you mean about the threads.

I like what you have so far, and your boards are nice and clean and readable (mine are more or less akin to scribbling). Neat vid too. Hope the modelling is going well. Best of luck on the challenge. I’ll be sure to check back :slight_smile:

What software are you using for the models?


thanks :slight_smile: but i can hardly see anything in the video myself, because when i put it on youtube it takes pretty much 75% of the quality out. im trying to figure out another way to get them on here…and for the modeling, rigging, animation and rendering im using blender v2.42.


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been trying to work on the music with heraldroseparade (Jon) but we’re having no luck so far. Other than that I’m working on the modeling and texturing of the asteroid, the dock and Patricia. I’ll post some screenshots when I get the chance.


Hey did you figure out the uploader problem? I found out that there is two different uploaders one for the challenge and one for CGsociety members both next to each other where you download them. The file has to read ChallengeUploader and not CGUploader. Don’t know if that helps you if not just ignore this.


Oh yeah I read the answer from mibus on the faq board. Thanks though!


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