Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Spireanu


Fantastic scenes! very scifi like! I love it!


Fantastic scenes! i like it all…
The mood looks to be perfect!:thumbsup:


Software: Maya

For the animation I used 7 blendshapes and I edit the file in Premiere 7Pro.

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:smiley: it seem the texture between upper lip and nose is not ok.I will solve this.


The nose is a bit too lokng in my opinin…and this makes the space between mouth and nose too short.The animation is cool and the model is very good as well.


Yes you are right I’ll look to the model to see what can be done. Thanks.


Hey, nice job on the storyboards. I especially like the library shot (I’m assuming the center image and the one to its immediate right are the library?). I’m impressed by the amoutn of work you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. The Patricia model is looking good too.


Yes.I am finished ,very tierd.I guess it was too much for me.Hope to finished on time. :scream: It’s a hard challenge but
I like it!!!



Software: After Effects,Maya

I"ve made it all in Maya and put the effects in After Effects, I tried to make the image to look like watching TV, that’s why it’s a little bit blured.

Later edit:I’ve made the render in 320/240 and that’s why it loose the resolution but I’ll make something to improve this.
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You may use effect “Grid” in After Effects to create interlaced video like TV screen.
Create black horisontal lines and change opacity and layer blending mode as you like.


Thank’s for advice I’ll try it.


My dying bride, good choice. :smiley: :buttrock:


:scream: YEAH! It really inspired me that song.I choose them for that trailler instead ,Lake of tears and King Diamond.It was a hard decision but “the cry of mankind” just fit into.



That’s a nice shot. Great soundtrack. The camera flashes really help sell the shot, I think. It’s looking good. Keep going!


Software: After Effects

Almost ready for the final update. Made in after effects and I used Trajan font.

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Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

That’s the final version of the trailer. Scenes were made in maya, editing in After Effects and Adobe Premiere, soundtrack is a mix between a song of My Dying Bride and Gregorian.

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