Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Spireanu


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Greg Bears Eon


I know is a little to late to join the trailler challenge but I hope to make a fine work .I will tell about my ideea of scenario that is a little bit liniar.But I want to put the accent on the human factor to stimulate it with the mythe of the unknown.

Also I’d like to say good luck to evryone.
Best regards, Spire.


Hey, welcome to the challenge! Looks like your off on the right foot getting your boards up first thing. Looks very straightforward and managable within the time left. Best of luck with it. Looking forward to more!


Don’t worry.
God created World within 7 days, and this is simply trailer.
Good luck!


:scream: I hope this theory to work ! :smiley:

Good luck to all!!



Welcome to challenge spire, i hope you will be able to make this trailer in time, so work well and have a good luck.


Originally Posted by ittrium
Don’t worry.
God created World within 7 days, and this is simply trailer.
Good luck

YES!! Fantastic point of view!!!:buttrock:

Anyway Spire, you’ve already clear ideas in mind so go on, that’s a great start!
Good luck and welcome to the challenge :slight_smile:

ThE-ShiFT team


hey hey !
i see you risked yourself in this trailer challenge too :smiley: , good luck !
bafta bafta si succes ! asteptam un post proaspat :thumbsup:


A 3D previsualisation of the first and the second scene. I din’t textured yet except this spaceship. Hope to come soon with the others scenes. I’ll come soon with wires.


Finally I’m finishing the modelling and now I’m working in skining and animation.

I’ll update the rest of characters tomorow and I hope to have soon the sound.

Good luck to everyone. See you tomorow!


come on man , there is still time !! good work here , whaitting for the trailer :bounce:

good luck !

baga mare ! :smiley:


I hope to finish it.
E faina lucrarea ta.La inceput nu intelesesem foarte bine conceptul la care te gindisei dar acum chiar a prins contur si toate puse cap la cap arata foarte fain.
Noroc si tie!


Software: After Effects

Sountrack voice registered with microphone and music edited in Premiere 7Pro. Voice effects in Goldwave.


Play Video >>


Wow, that’s really good! Your storyboard is right on too. Lady’s accent sounds great. The chorus at the end is a masterpiece! The way you integrate the story dialog with the layers of the music and effects is very inspiring!


:slight_smile: Thanks.I hope to have enough time to finish the video also.

Regards, Spire.


VERY VERY GOOD JOB on characters…the astronaut rox really! i like the sounds too!
new time extension is a great help to everyone here…so…KEEP IT UP!!! i like this stuff!


Thank’s man.Indeed it was a good thing for me and other this delay .I have worked with 3Dmax until couple mounths ago when I decided to start with maya.And it was most a wish of mine to solve all about this challenge in Maya.Of course I was having lots of trouble because I’m beginner but I hope to finish on time by now.

Now,back to work.See ya.



WOW! you are a daring guy!!! MAYA NEVER USED UNTILL 2 MONTH! Great courege!! i wish you the best for this trailer…you deserve it! (i love fighters!)


Great soundtrack/voiceover. And you’ve put together some very nice visuals. I’m impressed that you just started using Maya. Keep going!!


Renders of a part of my main scenes.The Journey,The Council,The Library,On the other side and so on.