Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Popov


So many details here and there, great job:) By the way, how did you encoding your final flv? which software did you use?:slight_smile:


Nuclear detonation scene


Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Reason 3 Music Software, Adobe Audition 1.5

So, this is our final “EON” trailer. We want to thank everybody on this forum, who watched our work. It’s our first experience with so much CG work (I am 25, my friend Ludmil is 20 years old). We are so happy that some of you actually liked some of our posted videos and music. We hope you will like the trailer. Our parents did like it :), but when the strangers like it, it’s a flame, it’s a fire which makes you to do more and more.
Good luck everybody! Now we are going to sleep and believe me we will sleep MUCH!

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We really enjoyed the time spended in this contest! I want to thank you all for watching our work. We are dreaming that all the people in this forum, including us, will make movies some day and to experience the shiver of making it!
It’s a reason to laugh, it’s a reason to be happy, it’s a reason to cry, but it is defiantly a Reason to live!

Good luck everybody!


Wow, right down to the last minute!!! :applause:

Fantastic job! It was already looking good when you posted the earlier milestone, but your added footage and final polish made it just that much better. This is an impressive trailer, a very nice blend of live action and CG elements (and great soundtrack too). I think your team has a very bright future ahead of you (I was doubly impressed when you mentioned how young you were–not that I’m old or anything :scream: ).

A very fine entry indeed. You deserve your sleep. Best of luck in the judging, and in your future work!


A very cool job! congrats and good luck to all of you!:thumbsup:


impressive ! in my top 3 ! very great job of modeling and film making.
best of luck mate! may the force be with you :thumbsup:


Yes, a very good trailer. I was thinking of ending mine with the piramids too, but as I am the only person on my entry, I guess I could’t do everything…


What can I say, very good job indeed ! Good luck to second place :rolleyes:



…second place… :rolleyes: it will be honour!


Guys you have made such a great work here! There are shots in this trailer that we really think are the best in this challenge. Your CGI is amazing.
Good luck with all of your things.

Ciao :thumbsup:

ThE-ShiFT team


Thaks! I realy like your post :slight_smile: Make me happy :slight_smile:

What do I tell…

Our team is compound by two peoples. Me and shearerludmil. I make all CG work on this trailer… So that you alone on this challenge doesn’t mean that you cannot do fine. It means that you will not sleep, but this is other subject… :slight_smile:


Yes…i agree with ThE-ShiFT ! The shuttle scenes are amazing…very very movie like!


Thank you for your words people!


Wow, just perfect, really professional work, it’s just incredible.
I think you’ll bу шт 1-2 places of winners.
Good work team, i think in future you’ll make great things.

Good luck !!!


The good work deserve good price. The FIRST PLACE !!! Good Luck :thumbsup:


I too think its a winner. I do have 2 problems with it though. The biggest issue would be that the accents of the actors are too thick. Its hard to make out what they are saying, I had to watch it a few times and listen. And the other problem was that there are a few timing issues that remind me im watching a competition trailor instead of the real deal.

awesome cgi and look in the end.


I knew it! I knew it! :deal: The accents were too rough on my opinion too. Anyways thanks for the kind words of yours :slight_smile: I’m proud to be part of the actor crew :thumbsup: (I’m the hairy one with the fancy “no” and the big gun :smiley: rotflol ).


cool stuff, congats on the 2nd place



Good job, guys! Place in the fame secured! Well done!