Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Popov


I think they are making the actual trailer :wink: is this your attempt at signing a movie contract for EON production? haha cause it just might work! :smiley:

awesome work!


The shuttle enters in the base on the asteroid.


Another beautiful shot. Very professional looking. I know I keep asking this question, but is the hanger a model or a matte painting? Either way, it’s extremely well done. I really like the lighting.


Hey this is surely one of the best shots we’ve seen in this challenge! As Fifty3Dragons We’re also wondering if the hangar is a model or a matte paint… Anyway is totally photoreal !!!


Yeah- lets see your reference too! I’d say this was a model- but could be a vamped up photo…hmmm…


This is a screenshot. It took me a couple of nights to create the composition of the shot, the lighting and the details - it’s all 3D. I’m happy to see you like it.


Software: Reason 3

This is the main soundtrack of our trailer maded with REASON 3 Music Software, we will post latter the sound effects and the other music effects, also maded with REASON 3. Hope you will like it!

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WOW Bethoven! That 3D landing scene is amazing! Again the look is incredible! The other shot we REALLY love in your trailer is the one of the shuttle leaving the atmosphere: that also is amazingly real, but not only, it has cinema quality for sure. Can’t wait to see your piece finished! Keep up!


Patricia’s kidnap scene


Wow- that meuzeik is awesome! Patricias kidnap scene is really cool. Hey, can I be the producer? (Just one question…) Gotta love those spikes on a spaceship! THAT is storytelling quality! Done with the realistic polish! Boot to the HEAD! Congratulations and keep pushing the envelope! Good things will come your way!


:eek:…OH MY GOD!!!


Thank you people! I realy happy that you like the scenes.
Only two nights stay in the finish line…


great work so far… cant wait to see it in motion


I remember that shot of the actress from the early verion of the trailer and I was wondering what environment she would be in. Now I know. :slight_smile: Beautiful shot. The ship looks great. This is another of the entries that I think gets top marks for professionalism. This is a high quailty production. I’m very much looking forward to your final submission.


Software: 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe Audition 1.5

This video is full with deleted live scenes, wich you won’t see in the final trailer. :slight_smile: If we have to make normal Theatrical Trailer we can fill the whole 2:30 minutes :).
We want to make you smile with this video and to make you forget for 2 minutes about the nights without sleeping. We hope you will enjoy it!

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lol:D very funny!


So, after a quick look on the remaining CG scenes, I am glad to tell you that there are only 3 scenes from the storybord wich we will not finish.
You will not see the sixth hole, the russian platoon falling from the sky over asteroid towns and the russian ships heading to the Stone. Whatever there are three new scenes wich Bethoven made. I must say he did a wonderful job, may be the best CG in Bulgaria. Beside that - he plays Lanier, because the main actor get sick when we shooted.
We will post the trailer next night or the morning after it. Good luck everybody!



Hilarious!! Thanks so much for sharing that little insight into your experience. Looks like your crew had a lot of fun working on this project. That’s the best way to work, in my opinion. The actors did a wonderful job. I anxiously await your final version.


Software: REASON 3, Adobe Audition 1.5

In this audio there are all sounds and voices without the music of the trailer.
The Trailer is coming after a few hours, we are waiting some renders, we love the tension of the night.

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Frant scene