Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Popov


After the shots


Hey, thanks for sharing some behind the scenes photos. Looks like you had success. I think yours is the only project I’ve seen so far here using live actors, and I’m very curious to see it all put together. Are those last three images actual footage? Looking good!


No, last three images are directly capture meterial. Without color correction.


Wow! Impressive! :slight_smile: How many locations will you use?


We are starting the editing today - perhaps with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
We used 4 locations wich are not CGI, the rest will be placed where the blue box is.

I am very surprised there are no more teams with Live Shooting, I mean the contest is for “MOVIE TRAILER” and all of the teams wich make animated people will have a problem. The animated persons doesn’t look real - even in the big movies. That’s why the moviemaking people shoot the stuff - if you are looking for work with CGI effects for movies, you will have to shoot sometime with movie team and this is the best oportunity. I am really shocked about that.


Don’t bother) even in animated short storytelling and editing skills can be demonstrated very well. vice versa real actors and combining bluescreen and clear shoot can produce much more problems for visual impression and perception integrity. :slight_smile:


If that was true, you can never see “Armageddon”, “Star Wars”, “The Island” and so on… I am talking about movie like - when it’s animated it has ANIMATION LIKE and thats the true - here we are talking about movielike and that is the cool of the contest!


I think that the real humans make the trailer more realistic. If we talk on the CGI humans that will be only for background, the CGI humans are ideal then. But for precisely made a CGI human and his animation (and render ! ), that will fulfill major part, then are necessary much things for which now there isn’t a time.


That’s what I mean. By the way, the humans maded for this contest are good, they are maded with very much of profesional work. They are awesome!


to shearerludmil: MMMH…about me…the problem i had with live actors for eon was that 1) it was almost impossible to have a professionale looking recitation for a near zero budget project.
2)Live shooting means accurate lighting…so i needed a studio to place the light in the very same way i got in 3d scenes…and again it taken too much costs.3)The freedom of moving camera and the general problem with 3d/live footage integration was too long in terms of time.
(forgive my english pleaze :blush: ).
So,i was forced to makes 3d humans…veeery hard to do!


I have to agree with oz. We were going to shoot live footage of patricia (bluescreen), but we needed to make a cgi double as well for some shots. But we dropped the live action due to budget and schedule reasons. The biggest influence on the decision though, was that the emphasis of this competition as stated in the instructions is how good your idea is and how well you can convey your idea to the audience. This could be as simple as timecoded storyboard with audio track, if the idea is conveyed through it well enough for the audience. So as much as we wanted to shoot live footage, we made the decision to fully concentrate on the integrity of the whole trailer and make it as coherent as possible to convey our idea through it.

And about the “cinematic” factor. I think the cinematic feel of something you see is more in the way the camera is used and the way that the piece is cut, rather than just shooting something that is “real”. I mean that shooting live footage with a home camcorder of a dog playing may not be as “cinematic” as shooting virtual footage of cg character with a carefully planned virtual camera on a virtual stage. I think that this is often understudied and understood that to get more cinematic feel in cg animation is to think where the camera could and would be placed if it was shot in real life. Also different lense choises and f-stops play a major role. All in all, I think one can make something cinematic even though it is not “real”. :slight_smile:


Very very interesting, i’m gonna looking in your thread in future, there is really so much problems with a live action, composing and MONEY :twisted:

Just interesting how you do all this and what you get in the end, so keep us informed.

Yes yes… money money… it’s always problem, but there is a lot things you can by yourself.
As a big studio for a blue box… actually you can use not a big room for it but it will be a little hard to make shoots there.

And what about UV lighting, does anyone use it ?


One of the shots with the shuttle.


Software: 3ds max,Digital Fusion,Photoshop,VRay

One of the shots with the shuttle

Play Video >>


FANTASTIC RENDER! the lighthing is very accurate and have a very intense mood.

At this point of the discussion about character made in 3d or live actors…im very curious to see the integration between your splendid looking cg and live footage…one thing is sure till now…you are about to make a very professional work.:thumbsup:


Bethoven, I like it very much! I will call you now :).


wow you guys are doing a real production. good for you! I was considering it but it would be a lame attempt compared to you :slight_smile:


very nice and very cinematic… love it…


Wow! What a great looking shot. This is really a high end production here. I’m very much looking forward to the finished product.


this work is very impressive :slight_smile: i cant wait to see the final…the text sequence is very nice!!

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