Eon (Trailer) Entry: Mihail Popov


Mihail Popov is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Trailer: EON - Finished Trailer


cool work on your portfolio…:slight_smile: good luck 4 you trailer.



Thanks OZ. After a few days comes first images :slight_smile:


Welcome to the challenge. Best of luck!


Hi, i start wich the concept of EON logo concept


I like it…the surface of logo make me thing to the metal/nikel surface of the asteroid.


OZ, this is the idea. Besides, issuing is matched much in the logo efficaciously with the inscriptions of the trailer. The inter-other, already i will work with team on the trailer. The two new members will be showed up to few days.


Will be your logo animated? looks cool to animate…


Software: 3ds max

This is a 3d pre-visualization test of EON logo

Play Video >>


WOW! very movie like! your render and animation are impressive! cool cool effect.
I like it a lot!:eek:


I did not imagine it was that cool when I saw the static image! Very nice! There is just a small correction: It is not ‘based to’, but ‘based on’.



Thank for the english correction. :slight_smile: Tongue the language has been always a low point for my. So… animation of the will be much close to this, but there are further different glow end lighting effects and possibly more metallic expectation.


Hello, everybody, I am Ludmil Lazarov and I am the Director of the Mihail Popov’s team. I will be responsable for the shooting stuff in the trailer and I will be the music composer too - using “REASON 3” music software. Because of the rule for low resolution trailer we won’t shoot with 35mm film, we will shoot with HDV, DVCPro or a little Mini DV 3CCD camera. We will consider that later and let you know. Good luck everybody!


The team will reach about 15 people if we count the actors.


I like the concept of the logo animation, but I’d like to see more motion on the rings at first and the then a longer slowdown. Like they could be spining on diffrent axis (as now I think) but do more rotations. Not sure if that’s clear enough, so I just hope u get the idea.

Otherwise good luck with the project and have fun!


Wow! Great animation. If the rest of your trailer follows suit, it’s definitely going to be high quality. Keep it up!








Final rough storyboard