Eon (Trailer) Entry: Max Shumsky


Max Shumsky is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Patricia space-suit…


Welcome to the trailer challenge. Good luck and enjoy! :thumbsup:


yahoooo :smiley:


Here We Are!
4 personsTeam - AnimAmaker, tidusFF, DarthEldarious, noirrius :buttrock:
We’ll try to create something amazing, but… You are the judges=)


The book read. Ideas are charged.

Some sketches from DarthEldarious, models and prewiz are coming…


Main character facePreviz…


Got some amazing sketches there!


One of the мechanical systems for our snowScene…


One of the мechanical systems for our snowScene [continued]…


Scene only for this amazing US spaceShips…


1 or 2 battle scenes are coming… May be in the 3 Chamber…


Not a human fight… But something extraordinary…


Final concept for our beautiful heroine…


At this moment we developing some projectManagement system (with amazing Flash 8 help=) - our team are cross-country (Tashkent and Moscow) and we need some place for content uploading, comments and pipeline… Link - soon=)

Also soon - full storyboard, stuff competences and some effects previz…


Beautiful concept art! It all fits together very well, from the shape of the spaceships to the design of the costumes. And it has a real epic space opera feel about it. Great job. I look forward to seeing your boards, etc.


Wow… man, you have just a perfect pictures, i can say you a real painter. I whant tobelieve that you modelling skills is the same or even better :twisted:

So, have a good luck.

P.S. If you can, tell us about your project Management system, i think it will be interesting for all of us.


All images by talented DarthEldarious=)

ProjectManagement - as I said, our team separated between 2 cities - Tashkent and Moscow. So we need some place for image/models/video-content uploading and storaging. Also - place for all challenge information - storyboards, text, comments. The base on developing on Flash+XML+PHP. Consist of gallery with content filtering, uploader, chat with log (if one of us couldn’t participate in conversation he could read all comments later, after authorising), pipeline schedule, some administrative functions.

Link to the full gallery will be soon, my promise=)


Very high quality concept designs. I like the small craft, looks like good visibility for the pilot.


GREAT DRAWINGS! im impressed! :applause:


Next week: snowBot model, truck model, 3-4 stages previs, snow simulation, may be - Patricia body beginning…