Eon (Trailer) Entry: maciej matysiak


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I’ve change the thread cause I want to do the trailer. I’ve done some before just for fun (not so big and profesional like this) but I try to do my best. A rough storyboard comes this week I hope^^


Good luck with the trailer chellenge. :thumbsup:


This are my first concepts of my logo. The first one is more the typical sci-fi one (not my favorite). I think I like the both on the bottom 'cause I don’t want to do “the” typical huge sci-fi trailer, more a calm and silent one.


Finally it’s done this is my final Logo.
Maybe it ia a little bit old fashion but I like the idea to mix nostalgic elements with sci-fi stuff (like the “Time machine”)


I love the calm and silent mood concept. Maybe you will fight with impact point of view, but with good story it will be interesting for sure. Keep progressing :thumbsup:


I don’t know, how the story will exactly look like yet but it will have to do something with the numbers maybe something like a clock. I try to finish the rough storyboard on the weekend.


I really like the idea of the clock and numbers - great and the graphic you’ve used is really nice…


That rocks! Thats one of the most original and imaginatives concepts for the title I’ve seen so far.


…I have get the german edition of eon in german it’s ÄON pretty bad :wink:
Just for some notes and special vocabularies…It’s from 1992.

Quite a personal timetravel.


COOL COOL COOL…i like it! and it works pretty well! Is very interesting to see how many different ideas works well.Keep it up! :bounce:


I’m not the big draw artist (sorry for the clumsi sketches) but I think you will understand the idea.


The 2nd part


one of the most original works around here! and looks like it works!!! i like a lot the idea of the zoom into the numbers.and the fact that the asteroid appear only at the last of the trailer before closing…give to the story a touch of mystery!


Wow, people are really fast around here with getting storyboards up.

Very interesting concept. I like the clock imagery and matching it with the seven chambers. It conveys a sense of there being only so much time, or a deadline of sorts, which is true enough to the story. Raises the tension right from the start. Great idea.


This is a first render of the buildings in the 2nd chamber. A little bit flowerlike but with the chandelier shape. I want a striaght form. The urban shape and buildings are missing yet. The “LEAFS” are some king of glas,energy, solar cell thing :wink: for charging the energy of the plasma beam.


Hey folks I’m back. Sorry haven’t much time yet ;-). But here’s my little earth. I think it is not so realistic, but I wabt a more “moody dreamlike” footage. And the rendertime is very short (very important!!)


Oh you can see my house from here. LOL.

The earth looks good. I would suggest one thing however and that would be to get rid of the stars on that sit right next to the earth. Because the reflected light from the atmosphere would dull them and at least make them much less visible. Or atleast get rid of the ones that shine through the atmosphere. I know that this probably isn’t a final or anything like that but it’s just a thought. Something to keep in mind for later.


yeah thanks for the points. you’re right it will be better without the stars. I’ll fix it. thnx^


Nice image. Glad to see you’re still plugging away at it.

Another thought on the starfield. The stars seem pretty uniformly distributed, whereas stars tend to clump together in groups and with maybe just a few really bright ones and a lot of dimmer ones (can you tell I’ve just been reading up on this :slight_smile: ).

The Earth image looks fantastic!