Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


That’s a really nice shot of the city. It’s got a great feel to it with some good variation aomng the buildings. I like the tank too, and I agree, I think it’ll look fine for the shots you have planned for it. I also enjoyed looking at the tutorial as well, though I couldn’t quite read all the text even when I clicked on the picture to enlarge it. But I got the overall gist. Thanks for posting it. Great to see how others go about their work.


i redid the jeep design and made it a bit more militaryish based on my original design and blended with a hummer.


i redid the jeep design and made it a bit more militaryish based on my original design and blended with a hummer.


sorry for the double post


this is a wip of the patricia charicter done by ray.


these are some of our designs for modeling the frant, ray has started on him so stay tuned for updates.


Looks good! But I’m think, very sad :slight_smile:


i suppose we could make him smile?


here is a wip of frank the frant…


Yeah! Happy Frant - cool idea!
“Sun is shining -
Frant is smiling…” :slight_smile:


here is the asteroid, it is just a sphere with noise added and shaped with the ffd modifier. the texture and bump maps were made from photos of tree bark… the debris around the asteroid was made by scattering spheres around random verts on the asteroid model.


Frank the Frant - haha that’s pretty good. :slight_smile: Looks like the model is coming along nicely. Are you going to rig him or just use him for a still shot (i.e. are you going to have time to animate him in the time left)? I like the asteroid as well. I never would have thought of using tree bark as a texture for an asteroid, but it looks great.


thanks, for the reply. time is short but we are gona try rig frank.


rough guid to the texturing of the un troop.


this is the russian paratroop, it will only be seen from a distance so i have made it at a much less polly count than the other troop.


Even for a low poly count that’s a nice looking model. I really like the way you did the straps and the gear. Out of curiosity, what would be the poly count difference between the russian paratrooper and some of your other models?


sorry i didnt awnser sooner, the rusian troop is about 4-5 thousand pollys depending on the bits he has, while the un troop is about 15-20 thousand pollys.


textured version of the new jeep


WIP textured version of patricia by ray.


Hi-lokks great but what about the interior landscape?