Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


this is concept of the Russian troop (soon to be modeled) done by wayofthepixil aka Stephen Fagan.


Nice concept. He looks tough.

I presume the spread-eagle poses are meant for the actual modelling. I’m curious about the side view, in particular the arms (to my thinking, anyway) being back so far. Is that a specific technique you use, and if so are there certain advantages you find in posing the model like that initially? I haven’t done a lot of character modelling, so I’m curious about such simple things. :slight_smile:


a small update with the troops gear.


like yourself i havnt done much character modeling, while the spread eagle pose wont make modeling easyr the advantage (i think) will come when the character will be riged for animation. so from that respect i think its good to model in that type of pose as it keeps the limbs away from the torso making skining a bit less painless(even tho i have very little idea on rigging). how about you would you start a diferent way? just curious.


Oh, I agree with keeping the limbs away from the torso, and the model sheet looks fairly standard from what I can tell. My focus was specifically on the position of the arms. It just seemed like a fairly extreme position which would result (I think) in a fair amount of deformation to get the arm down to the side (for example, if he’s carrying a rifle or something). I’ve seen some modellers use an approach where they have the arm positioned away from the body but only about halfway raised, so kind of in between straight down the side and in the position your model sheet indicates. That way the arm doesn’t deform nearly as much in either direction.

It can be the same thing with the legs too. In the little modelling I’ve done, I’ve approached the same way you have it here. But in recent reading I’ve seen some people model with the knees slightly bent. Again, that way the starting pose is sort of half way between straight and totally bent and causes less deformation whichever way it needs to go (unless of course he’s always just standing around, in which case it probably doesn’t matter).

But as I said, I was just curious. I’m sure there are as many ways to do it a there are modellers. :slight_smile: I decided against doing any character modelling for the challenge myself, but I have some personal projects I intend to pursue after this in which I’m going to try using some cel-shaded characters, so I’m trying to pick up as many tips/tricks as I can.

The troop’s gear looks great, by the way. Finally he gets some cloths (though I notice no pants yet!!! :scream: ).

Edit: actually, I think I may have mis-stated that. I think they may have modelled as you have here, but then set the starting position for the arms and legs as half bent before beginning rigging and animation.


ye still no pants! but its near xmas so pants should be on his list. as you wer saying about modeling with the arms only slightly raised from the body thats the way i aproached my troop. the sketchs are done in the streached style but im just using it as referance.


this is the concept for the un/us troop that i am using for referance in the troop model. it is also done by stephen fagan. thoughts?


Hey, looks good. Fagan has a nice, edgy style there. And as I mentioned, your model for it is coming along great. And now that you mention it, I see that you have the arms positioned differently on the troop model. Which prompts another question: do you model with a diagram loaded into the background or do you simply do it freehand? I’ve always loaded my model sheets into LightWave and followed them quite closely when laying down my points/polygons, but your remarks suggest to me that you’re doing straight out modelling with just one eye on the model sheet on your desk as you go.


sorry i havnt been at the pc for a few days. i do load the diagram into the background but as you said i have just keept one eye on the model sheet, but that method is not set in stone its just how i startd out on this one.


a look at earth for our opening sceens


earth looks well, i like the graded stylized look your going for


some shots of the jeep/truck very much a wip at the moment still needs a lot of work.


hi guys sorry i havnt updated anything new this week, i was off in paris for the week with my girlfriend so no work was done, she nearly kicked the crap out of me when i asked could i bring the laptop to work while we were away :eek:. well there is no new work at the moment but ill take this chance to wish you and yours a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!!



Nice shot of Earth there, and you’re off to a good start with the truck too. And you’re girlfriend’s right: no work in Paris!!! :scream: Still plenty of time afterwards to get stuff done. Much can be accomplished in 2-3 weeks, but real-world relationships are important too!!!

Really great stuff here. You’ll get it done. Keep plugging away (after Paris, of course).


hope you all had a great newyear, now with the festive season over its time to get the work done so here we are back with a shot of alexandria city wip done by ray. more to come soon.


some renders of the final tank


Looking nice, but i think you should work a little more with textures, in front and lower part.
I think in movement it should be good.

Keep on, time is running out…


heres a quick tutorial on how ray is doing the building models.


I think it’s useless. On his storyboard this tank is only on top view, and it’s very small.


thats true most of the shots we have the tanks in the background so the texture job we have should be fine, but if we need to we will fix up the texturing, thanks for the replys!