Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


That gantry looks great!
Well done


Keep going man, i look at last work and can say everything is ok. Don’t speed up too much? always think about quality.

Good luck.


Nice work on the gantry. Solid, consistent work across the board.


nice work but i would change the tris in the front of the shuttle… they distort the texture when you smooth the model… other than that everything looks great…


thanks guys, the shuttle texture is a work in progress at the moment, its is being done by ray mongey who has posted a few times in the forum, ill pass on the tips to him. thanks.


a work in progress shot of the troops head gear, let me know what yous think.


Realy like the look of the soldier’s head


what can i say? is sure…i love your way of mopdeling things! The launch bay roxx really!


thanks a million guys, and keep the coments coming.


Great start with the troop head gear. I look forward to seeing the rest. Will you be doing a full rig for him (i.e. will there be a lot of troop animation)?


yes there will be a lot of troop animation so we have to rig him well, its not somthing i have a lot of experiance in tho so it will be a challenge…


Heh. I guess these “challenges” take on more than one meaning, eh? But look at it this way, you’ll be that much better at it overall after you’ve rigged him. So best of luck with it. I’ll be watching for the animation with great anticipation. :slight_smile:


thanks for the support, ill need it lol!


this is a wip of the troop body.
we have a very embarrassed troop here, he turned up for duty without his overalls and hands, not to mention his penis lol…at least he rembered his lid!


yeah great charamodel, and the helmet is very cool:D


thanks, this is my first time modeling a realistic type charicter so its slow but a good learning experiance.


“… embarrassed troop …” Ha! Maybe that’s why he’s got the helmet on. Great stuff. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed this is your first realistic character. He’s coming along nicely. Though I’m sure he’ll appreciate pants!!

One comment: He looks just a little on the short side to me. Part of that is no doubt due to the size of the helmet, i.e. it being bigger than a normal size head. But his arms also seem slightly short. I think the wrist is supposed to more or less line up with the bottom of the pelvis (i.e. the crotch). But I can’t quite tell from the angles you’ve posted whether or not this is so. Minor crit.

Anyway, looking good!


Yes- To make a long story short the distance from the top of the head to the crotch where the legs joins the torso is about equal to the distance from there to the soles of the feet. I don’t think that’s in any art book, I made it up myself.


Alrite. fagans in the house!!


thanks guys, your right about the size, he is a bit small. ill work on him tomorow when im back at the computer (in a net cafe now). and welcome to fagan. fagan is doing the concept art for the characters which i will also post up tomorow.