Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


This is the russian heavy lifter textured, it took me a lot longer than I would have liked. I tried out a dark green colour on this but I wasn’t happy with the result, in the end the crimson worked better so I went back to it.


You said that the texturing is not your best skill…on,maybe,but looking to your last entry seem you are skilled on texturing too! I like it in red colour.:thumbsup:


wow kev, that texturing is top class! well done
ill be workin away on the shuttle tomorrow!


thanks guys, i had a pain in my face doing that, but im very happy with the results.


Hi guys sorry for the lack of updates recently, this is a light tank work in progress, its loosely based on the German spz marder 1 a3 tank. It is designed to take out infantry :slight_smile:


I simply like this! your way of modeling is so polished!! i envy you a bit!:smiley:


Hey there! I absolutely LOVE the work Ive seen here, and as a fan of the book, having read it a great many times, I find this contest amazing… Theres just two small things I wanted to ask…

  1. Tanks? I dont recall any tanks in the book… the 6th heavy lifter had heavy ordinance to aid the russians in the invasion, but it never offloaded its cargo…

  2. I love how your Heavy Lifter looks, but thats not the invasion lifter model is it? Just a note that the invasion Lifters were painted black as to not be seen on approach to the bore hole.


wow what an amazing comment! thank you very much oz that means alot coming from a person as talented as you. most appreciated!


a small update of the tank with its gun,has to be unwraped for texturing now :frowning:


hi raktus, thanks for your post…as for the tanks, the are not in the book but we are making a light tank just to add some variety to the shots, tanks are cool thats the reasoning behind this thinking.

as for the heavylifter colour i was not aware of them being black my bad…i must have been tired at the time of reading…i have become attached to the colour we have but perhaps i might darken the red, ill have to sleep on it.


That textured version of the heavy lifter is simply outstanding. Beautiful work there! And I wouldn’t worry about the colour. Tactically black makes sense, but I think for a movie and the sake of visibility some artistic license is allowed. :slight_smile:

The tank is really coming along as well. Nice models all around.


thanks fifty3dragons, and i have decided to stick with the red, its just a cool colour and when i picture russia i picture that red.


very cool modeling indeed! I like the design continuity. It feels recognizable, yet still other-wordly and unique.


thanks sandpiper, the idea was to take modern tech and try and visualise what we will have in 10-15 years, so the designs are similar to what we have now in terms of design and weapons but a little better in the weapons department.


just a wip of the gantry.


Lookin good!

Again more detail is needed in the gantry, i know its only wip, but its coming on.
Once textures are added it’ll all come together.


Well, the heavy lifters entering the bore hole before the death were prolly regular colored, but the 7 invading lifters during the major action scenes were black. The exact part of the book was where the American lifter was coming in to dock, the Russian lifters destroy it becuase they were hidden right behind it.

Tanks be good for action shots of the Death on Earth?


due to the amount of time we have we have decided to only see the death from orbit, so the tanks will be background probs on the stone.


more detail :slight_smile:


a look at the shuttle texturing wip.