Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


asteroid and enterance


Very cool. I like the look!


thank you very much for the comment, loved the book!


Finally I got a start on some modeling; this is a start on the Russian heavy lifter. I wanted it to look like a cross between a rocket (at the back) and a more modern shuttle at the front. I always thought that the rockets look immensely powerful compared to shuttles so I thought it fit well for the heavy lifter.


Looking good, keep on.


thanks targus the work has been slow but is picking up steam now.


Work has begun on the us space shuttle


More work on the US shuttle, detail work on the engines for the close up in the opening scene.


Nice detailing on the models there. Much more than I’ll be able to afford to do, not that I wish to complain :smiley:

But yes, very nice work indeed.


thanks, ist starting to come together were having a lot of fun with it!


WOW! fantastic model…gosh…fare better than mine!!! that engines ROX!:thumbsup:

I love the Russian heavy lifter too.


Wow, very nice detail.

May I ask what software you modelled that in? Was just wondering.


thanks guys, we are using 3dsmax for the modeling


MAX RULEZ! still not found a so versatile and accessible 3d software!


Very nice models, both of them. Great details on the engines. This is really coming to life. Keep it coming!


Another small update, this is the arrow shaped ships that the future humans fly about in, its not going to be much more detailed than this as the way I picture the human ships is perfectly smooth and made all from the one peace and very minimalist in design. any thoughts?


I LIKE IT A LOT! the design is beautiful and enlegant! it is a ship that i can believe existing in the eon world!:thumbsup:


thanks a million OZ, had fun making that one even tho it was quite a basic model.


I like it a lot my friend…Cant wait to see it textured!!!:drool:


ye, ill get cracking on the texturing(not my strong point but it has to done :shrug: )for this and the heavy lifter in the next 2 days, so stay tuned