Eon (Trailer) Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: asteroid with lighting


hi to all,
i am half way through the book at the moment and loving it! i am working with a friend Ray Mongey on this trailer and may add others to the team in the near future. this image is a basic idea of the logo we may use.


i like the logo so far, a bit…“unstable”, but still a nice shape to it. and if that star shaped thing in the background is the asteroid i’m LOVING it.


very nice logo…waiting for more.:wavey:


Thanks for the replys, the logo is just rough at the moment and we will come back to it and finaish it later in the project, at the moment we are working on geting the storyboards finalized so we can get cracking on production, thanks again for your posts.


im very curious and interested about the storybards…there are several way to make a S.B.

I will be back to see yours!


Same here. Nice logo, and I’m eager to see the boards you come up with. Everyone has such an interesting and unique take on them. Looking forward to more!



Im on board now…


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates but the ball is rolling now so post will be more frequent. This is our rough story boards; let us know what you think.


Hey, great to see your boards up! Looks like a great concept here. I especially like the idea of a shot where the Frants go in and out of cloak. Also the plasma tube reflection on Patricia’s helmet and the pulse beats between shots. It’s going to be great.

Just one comment: I wonder if Panel 4 (the side view of the shuttle) is maybe somewhat redundant? To me there’s a logical progression from the establishing shot of the shuttle on the launch pad, the next closer in shot, and then the shot of the engines heating up. And so it seems that jumping back out in the midst of that progrsssion for yet another wide shot detracts slightly from the overall flow. Anyway, a very minor critique at best.

Looks like your well on the way!


Ummh…my new storyboard is very close to your!!! :slight_smile: there is a thelepatic connection between us!?:slight_smile:
I like the cut of the scenes…looks like it will work well.KEEP IT UP!


thanks a million for all your comments so far we took on all of the points you raised and have altered the storyboards slightly, i will post the animatic based on the new story boards asap.


hi this is our animatic based on our edited storyboards. any crits or coments?


Some sketches of some of the vehicles we will be using in our trailer.


Some sketches of some of the vehicles we will be using in our trailer.


Very nice animatic. Good flow, and has a good, logical progression from the shuttle taking off to the entering of the Stone. And of course, the second half with all the various images of the interior, the war, etc. It all works together very well, in my opinion. Great job!

I like the concept art stuff you posted too, especially the shuttle. Nice and crisp. You’re on a roll!


Yeah dude. This is coming along nicely. I like the action that you are envisioning in your storyboard. Should make a great piece once it’s done.

I also appreciate the drawings you guys are doing, getting all angles worked out so you know what the design really is before you head off to modeling, etc.

The animatic is nice and simple but definitely gave me a better idea of the movement. I’m looking forward to seeing the next step!


Thanks for the encouraging comments they are most appreciated, there is more to come so keep looking back!


A few more concept updates, this is a sketch for the soldiers on the stone. any thoughts?


Here is a sketch for the Russian heavy lifter,