Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


weeee, thanx for fast feedback friends!

@ coolkonrad - very nice words from you peter! Somehow, I can´t see it as different as you mentioned, but it is nice to know you found it that way. Cheers :slight_smile:

@ fifty3dragons - heh, the alien shot and future/past switching are my personal favourites as well. That future/past thing was my GF´s idea. It is nice to work with great people around you.

@ Gunilla - :bounce: you can´t imagine how happy I am, that you like it. Thanx sis´

@ spire - I saw you just finished as well. That´s great. Thanx for all your support.

@ Bethoven - Ah, it´s just great to know the alien works, he he. Thanx.

@ ThE-ShiFT - :smiley: And I thought I already AM one of your favourites, he he. Kidding. Thanx for nice feedback during the challenge. When I was dissapointed with my situation it was good to find your words.

Okay, finally… it is time to sleep now.


I like your original trailer. My favorite scene is the last one, those tentacled alien creatures, and that lunge for the screen. Great! And you did all the visuals yourself. Keeps the style.

Oh-SFX Peter Kostelnik- don’t want to leave him out- great work!


Y O U R O X X ! ! ! …i knew that this work will rox and i was right! great sotrytelling ad a super original graphic style…i love it…yes…cool…man this is cool!


SUpercool!!! great job my friend! Good luck for the final!


Thanx @ medunecer, OZ, userBrian - that´s very nice from you folks :bounce:

HD 1024 x 576 pix [color=cyan]55MB H.264 VERSION [size=2]is now available for download (Required QuickTime 7 because of H.264 compression)[/color][/size]

RIGHT CLICK [color=yellow]HERE AND SAVE TARGET AS…[/color]

if you could “Mirror” this, I will be very happy. Thanx and Enjoy it.


Congratulations man, great job at your trailer. :applause:

Gratulujem, pozeral som to, a fakt sa mi to pači. Je to pekne naanimované, aj styl je originalny a svojsky. Nevidel som sice vsetky trailery, ale tvoj bol jeden z najoriginalnejsich. No teraz neviem ci len tvoj, alebo si na tom robil este s niekym, lebo nnemal som cas to sledovat.
Gratulujem k ukonceniu a drzím palce nech to vide. ma to potencial uspet:thumbsup:


Thanx for replay rawwad!

He he, asi si to pozeral velmi rychlo, lebo na konci su titulky o tom, kto za tym je. V podstate je to moja praca od napadu, cez reziu az po grafiku. Moj staly hudobnik Peto spravil hudbu a efekty. Takze taky mikro tím :slight_smile: Bola to makacka, a podobny projekt uz sam rozbiehat nebudem. Skratka som isiel na doraz a viem, ze je tam kopec chyb, ale viac som z toho nedokazal dostat…


Good luck :bounce: You must get it guys!


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