Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


This is how´s Peter working theseday´s evenings. Well, actually He doesn´t have 4 monitors :slight_smile: so he is switching between those screens I guess.


This is one of the work that i love most…and Im vvvery curious and interested about the final entry…so…good luck for it.


Thanks for posting a “behind the scenes” shot. Always interesting to see the nuts and bolts of someone else’s work flow.

If Peter has a moment to drop in a note (maybe next week after you’ve posted your final version?), I’d be interested to hear what he thinks of Calkwalk as a composing package, especially in comparison with any other software he’s used.


Software: After Effects,CorelDRAW,Photo-Paint,XSI

Another finished stuff :slight_smile: Thistime with little audio sneakpeak.

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@ OZ - Hey buddy! Thanx that you dropped few words here again. I am very curious about your trailer as well. I think it will be pretty nice to see that amount of different approaches to the subject. Hopefully we will have nice differences between them so audience is going to be confused in a good way, he he :thumbsup: Keep going, your team is in my TOP list.

@ 53d - yeah it is a little bit refreshing to see those buttons and timelines and strange rectangles on the screen. I am always amazed what is he doing with all that mistery. I had few tryouts as a musician before (you know, drum´n´base and techno tracks, he he) but it was back in a days, when I thought I could be everything. So, I am going to ask him to write some usefull suggestions for you. Keep going :slight_smile: good luck!


hope to the the final soon :slight_smile: looks good now and i bet its gonna be great when its done :thumbsup:


Once again a lovely update from you Juraj! The look of the Earth and the clouds is stunning, expecially in numbers 689 and 734! We can’t wait to see your trailer animated! Keep up bro! We are almost done!


Time is getting close, Oweron!!! Boards look great. I really like 646 and the whole vortex effect. Keep at it! Almost there!! :thumbsup:


well, huh… I must say, that trailer is almost completed. Tomorrow I am going to be pretty busy, so all final decessions are planned for wednesday. Hope to see all you around here finished your entries. cya!


Looks like you have this one in the bag. Beautiful storyboards. The shot of Patricia (1248) has always been a great shot even from the early visualization. Great job. I’ll be looking for it tomorrow.


Software: After Effects

enjoy it without picture for few hours. cya!

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Must see this one, the sounds are great - can’t wait. And as it is I don’t have to wait for long :slight_smile: Good luck!



Hello CGS Folks!
Since, I´m about to upload final trailer I want to write few words before.
This challenge was so far the biggest GFX challenge in my life. There were many “first times” speaking about production and I surely know more now. I have to say, hufff… I am very happy that I completed. I would like to thanx for all your feedback and want to say sorry that I wasn´t as communicative as in the past challenges. Before I write few project details, here is the list of you, who dropped something not smelly here :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons 16
OZ 13
medunecer 5
Gunilla 5
ThE-ShiFT 3
icedeyes 3
Selina42 2
REZI-st 2
targus 2
makaron 2
Tenacious 2
igorstshirts 2
ittrium 2
Sandpiper 1
Cofiction 1
machichi 1
LasseL 1
rawwad 1
tastatura 1
userBrian 1
spire 1
Henrikl 1
ReinaldoRomero 1
coolkonrad 1
billyjoecool 1
TheFirstAngel 1
KarpA 1

Thanx again folks!

[left]Now, few project informations.[/left]

[left]total lenght of the actuall trailer: cca 1 minute . 20 seconds[/left]
[left]gfx software used: Softimage XSI, BodyPaint (C4D R10), After Effects, Corel Draw, PhotoPaint[/left]
[left]sfx software used: Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, XG Performance Editor, all sounds were generated from synthesizer[/left]
[left]hardware used: 3 PCs ( with very avarage configuration :slight_smile: )[/left]

[left]the following text appeares in our trailer:[/left]

[left]I live in the 21st century.[/left]
[left]Power of nations took the wrong way.[/left]
[left]Human minds are led by evil.[/left]
[left]One almost can´t see love and faith throgh the clouds of nuclear threat.[/left]

[left]( a story based on a novel by Greg Bear )[/left]

[left]Welcome on board…[/left]

[left]ONE GIANT STONE.[/left]
[left]BUT NO IMPACT…[/left]
[left]THIS TIME.[/left]


[left]This can´t be Earth !?![/left]

[left]( Reveal your Future / Past )[/left]



Software: After Effects,BodyPaint,CorelDRAW,Photo-Paint,XSI

Final version. Please, see previous post for detailed information. QT version will be available soon also in HD format. Enjoy…

Play Video >>


Great approach to the story! Like the completely different graphics and look you have achived - good job and good luck!



Woohoo, what a ride! That was great. In my opinion, the most stylistic and unique interpretation of the book in this challenge. Soundtrack/SFX was very well done. Pacing was great. Everything. Great job!

You got me with the Frant too. :eek: Wasn’t expecting that. Sneaky. :slight_smile:

Loved the future/past bit at the end. Ha. very nice.

A very nice entry, Oweron. Best of luck!


Wow! Ahh… that clip made me really happy, I love it! You have a wonderful, unique style and you’re getting better and better all the time. I see great things in the future for you bro’ :slight_smile:

So, big congrats for a really impressive work :bounce:


Great, your style is original and you trailer is one of the best. From the begining I was curios what will be the look of your final work.


Impressive trailer, may be the trailer with best idea in it!

The aliens made me shock, I think you have all the chances in this chalenge! Good luck!


Juraj! As we’ve already said more than one time, your style is impressive! Your trailer is really captivating with it’s look and originality, expecially talking about treatment. Definitely one piece of art!
Good luck for all your things bro, you’ll surely be one of our favourite artists.