Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Alien looks great! Really unique. And hang in there! This is one of the trailers I’ve been most looking forward to seeing in its final form!!


@ fifty3dragons - yeah. No worries my friend :thumbsup: Just need to push the things a bit higher. Thank you for great support during these challenge days.


Indeed your style is original. The images creates me the impresion of a storyland and makes me think at the pink floyd first’s albums.


Here is my antropomorphistic vision of The Death. Hope you like it. I will not work too much on this project in following week due to amount of my regular work. I will keep this thread alive with some milestones anyway. Cheers,


Great alien design! Always a fan of your great work, fellow!

Take my regads to your coisin!


@ spire - heh, not sure if “original” also means “good” for such a subject. Thanx for feedback. I am not that good in Pink Floyd´s discography but I do know “the wall” images.

@ medunecer - hey buddy! Thanx. My cousin is watching this thread so he gets your greating already I guess. I am missing your entry. Still remember your huge rendertime during the last challenge :thumbsup: Stay around and enjoy.


Ah, my graet rendertime! i have improved this feature of mine in the last months!.. I’m not in this challenge because I didn’t find the italian or english version of the book, but I’m try to follow it the same! You’re doing a grat job! Good luck!


MY COMPLIMENTS! You vision of the “death” is very…deadly! very intense!:thumbsup:


how it looks so far.


WOW! great stuff!!! 3d is so close to artwork you done at the beginning of the challenge! looks like u got great skills!..cant wait “really” to see it animated! KEEEEP IIIIT UUUUP!!!


Yes, the style is really interesting and “original”, and camera show some interesting views.
So, i think you’ll be in a list of - who complete the challenge… keep on !!!


Wonderful images. I’m with OZ, these are very close to the original concept. Great job!


@OZ, @targus, @fifty3dragons - wow folks! Your feedback is just great. It is one of my goals to stay true to my original concept. However, this challenge is full of inspirations so sometimes is hard to stay free :thumbsup: Following week is going to be very busy for all of us I guess. Even if this challenge have few favorites, I will be happy to see as much finished animations as is possible. So, back to work :deal:


6 chambers colortimed. Hope you like them.



Awesome work Juraj, awesome! Also the update before this last one is great! The consistency of your style is impressing: one can really say “this is from Oweron” as he sees one of your works.
Aslo, it’s a lot of work coming from a single person so you’re fast too! Keep up! It’s almost finished!


Very good job! The animation will be amazing! Go on my friend!


He he, Thanx. I think I will put fullscreen note in the begining “visuals are done by single person, please, be gentle when comparing to ThE-ShiFT team” :smiley: he he he. You folks keep amazing me. I think you don´t need to be worried about your studio future plans. Keep progressing :thumbsup:

@medunecer - thanx a lot my friend. Your support is great once again.


More captivating images! I like how you’ve taken such diverse elements (models, textures, pictures, etc) and turned them into such a unique individual style. I’ve said it before, but this is definitely one of the most unique looking entries in the competition. I think the iimage of the city (1108 on the boards) is my favourite. Can’t wait to see the finished version!


really love the feel of your entry… the only thing that is bothering me is the last frame (1250)… it looks too dark and having too much contrast compared to the rest of your sample images… maybe it blend better in the video… cant wait to see it


@ fifty3dragons - thanx again mate! The blending of elements is natural for such a work I guess. It is just good for quick storytelling from my POV. Great bonus is, that you like it. Keep on :thumbsup:

@ icedeyes - thanx for feedback. Well, maybe it is monitor or scale issue. Question of brightness/contrast is just messy everytime :smiley: Anyway, I wanted to keep differences between chambers so it could be good. Hope you will like it in final cut. Cheers,