Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Ah, it so cool to work in team, you are lucky man.


And hopefuly you are as lucky as me :applause:


Nice to see a little different approach from you guys. I Like your cartoonish style. Keep up the good work!


Character model looks great. And your images continue to show a nice, strong, consistent style. Definitely on the home stretch now.


And this is how my sound wizards are working these days :slight_smile:


And this is how my sound wizards are working these days :slight_smile:


Well, I think this should be enough for 1 sec. shot :slight_smile:


Head is too big for her body. Isn’t it?
Seems disproportionate.


Neat model, and very much in keeping with the overall style you’ve established, including the man character you posted earlier. Although she looks a little glossier or something around the face. Probably just the lighting. :slight_smile: Is she going to take the place of the live model in the image you have posted with her?


hey folks!

@ ittrium - yeah, you might be right. I was changing that scale but then I came up with biggest one in order to bring a little cartoonish feel to her to fit better with my previous char. I go too far.

@ fifty3dragons - yes, she is glossier. I messed with speculars a bit. You know, these days I am much more focused to complete the story. I can´t cut it. And yes, she is going to take the place of my gf in that picture :thumbsup:


Hm… May be bettere to make bigger breast, but not head :slight_smile:


Nevermind, I changed the head but figured that my camera settings make it looks this way too. In sideviews it looks okay to me ( and I hopefuly do understand proportions, heh )


Hey Jurai! Take my regards to your great team! Your doing a great job!


Software: After Effects,XSI

here is preview of alien lifeform for final shot. Time is running, so, back to work now.

Play Video >>


Hey! Welcome back my friend! Thanx for kind words. You hopefuly know that my TEAM is just me and my cousine Peter, he is doing nice soundtrack for me :thumbsup: Keep watching.


EON Challenge deadline moved to 31st. of January :eek:

Well, I am somehow not too happy about it. Last 2 weeks I was working pretty in stress and wanted to finish all the stuff for this finalisation. It could be 2 times better if I knew about this extension. I missed it. Now, it looks contraproductive… but whatever. Going to slow down now.
And I need to touch up some of the shots. I am sure this is very strong help for many of you folks, so just enjoy it :thumbsup:


Hey Juraj one thing is for sure: you have style! The alien is one of the most interesting ones, but the things we like most are the concept arts you do: really stylish!

the delay thing can be seen from your perspective of course, but for sure we have now the possibility to make big improvements to our trailers…so keep up bro!



Yeah, you´re right. It was just morning shock, he he. After the cup of tea I changed my mind. Still think it is a bit weird - speaking about challenging. But I decided to relax the production and will try to push things higher. Still don´t feel like to reanimate walk cycle etc., but I will push things that I originaly wanted to creat in next 3 days, huh… So now I have more than 2 weeks to make it much better. I also was sick of this final stress days, since I am working alone. However, work in stress could produce some pretty good results :thumbsup: Keep going!


I…LOVE…THAT…ALIEN!!!..:applause: :applause:
And in general i like your super original style.a very interesting use of 3d and colours.
Im not common,loving saturated colours or particular odd shapes…But i have to admit that i like your work very much! Is so…personal… i mean…when you post new stuff my eyes point quikly to your thumbnail…there is a sort of magic behind it…
You know…i say this from the start of this chellenge.Keep it up…31!!! oh sweet new date!


Thank you OZ! Refreshing words from you :thumbsup: Let´s stop whining, back to work :twisted: