Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


@ fifty3dragons - haha, cool you like it. Flying font is just animation text preset (something like textsoup is the name of it) It´s AE standard. Bubbles are generated with audiospectrum plugin. Also AE standard feature. And that´s it. Easy, but with bit stronger push it could be very useful :thumbsup:


this probably is biggest scene from the show. My plans for this shot were different, but I like it.


Wau! Quite massive scene!

Good POV and layout, I like the idea of this.

Couple of comments… if you will :slight_smile: :
You might want to watch the curvature of the buildings from the foreground versus the background.
Dunno if this is possible to achieve with your modelling package, but;
Create a correctly placed lagre plane from the camera to the vanishpoint and apply bend modification onto it. (this way the curvature folds correctly all the way)
Try and use object-scattering of the already modelled buildings on that bent plane.
(minimize the object loss of modifying a scene) Then make the bent plane un-renderable.
This quick fix-up gives you the possibility of camera drive “down the alley”.

(if you knew or planned this already, just ignore me :D)


@ Cofiction - hey! Thanx for nice feedback. Not sure if I get your suggestion right, but thanks for the tip. Things are, that I have pretty huge list of things to make in order to catch the deadline. I can´t make any modification until I have all scenes done. Otherway it will be contraproductive and I will have serious problems to finish this show :sad: I took this challenge as solo project (from gfx/directors point of view) because I don´t want to show/present my technical skills but preferably I want to present concept and story. And it is much comfortable in my student/freelancer´s life. I won´t have time to make all director/coordinator´s job in bigger team and I think it is necessary to have such a control in order to keep the style and mood consistent, speaking about team project :thumbsup:


Wow, that’s a big set! I like the shot concept. The buildings at the back do feel a bit off, as though they’re leaning over instead of being set inside a giant cylinder. If you do get the chance to come back to this one, maybe you could wrap the city completely around (though that would probably require an even larger set)?

Will this be a still shot, or will there be any pan/zoom?

Anyway, it’s coming along nicely. An impressive amount of work from just one person. :slight_smile:


Cool huge scene! the curved palaces are very impressive!:eek:


I am looking at my schedule now. I supose to have 5th chamber near the finish today. So, here is 2nd chamber :slight_smile: OMG, How do I want to finish this! Anyway, hope you like it. Enjoy.


third chamber. This is just wip. I am going to work on foreground lighting and texturing. Suggestions are welcome.


Third Chamber - Welcome to the jungle :slight_smile:


Merry Xmas Challengers. Enjoy this wonderful time and have a break :slight_smile:


Very nice work (especially that last one; I hope it makes it into the final cut, hehe).

I like the chamber three image. The coloring is very appealing. I wonder if the value contrast is high enough, though? I have a terrible time with this in my own work, i.e. having little to no deeper shadows to help focus the eye. Just a thought. But it’s still looking great!


And now starts real chellenge. Circa 17 days to finish all the stuff. Ah Oh Uh

@ fifty3dragons - yeah, the last one is my best so far. It was pain to find right place for the hat and to code the snowflakes :smiley: Now, seriously - I have no idea how will final piece looks like speaking about contrast / focus / deep… Yeah, it is very big problem but hopefuly the movement of the images will help it a lot. I will tweak it only in Aftereffects, no 3D corrections are possible due to time. Keep going :thumbsup:


here is 4th chamber. It is going to be 1 sec. shot so I decided to go with this wild style. IceLand and ocean done in XSI, rain forest in foreground is mixture of foliage images. I have plans to use this workflow style for the rest of enviroments so it could be pretty fast and let me work on animation and composition part then.


Very nice… More like a stylized dreamscape… good work…


fifth chamber. Wild style again. 3D, 2D particles and waterlayer, Photo and Handpainted elements. I am happy with result.


Happy New Year 2007! It is already pretty busy, deadline for this show is very close :slight_smile: Anyway, sixth chamber shot is alive…


Finished man character. Nothing smooth, nothing fancy, just good enough for the advanced storyboard :slight_smile:
Still need to finish woman and alien. Hopefuly this week.


Finished man character. Nothing smooth, nothing fancy, just good enough for the advanced storyboard :slight_smile:
Still need to finish woman and alien. Hopefuly this week.


happy new year… the character is looking great… very faithful to the the original concept…:thumbsup:


And this is how´s my GFX team working these days.