Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Software: After Effects,Photo-Paint


So, finaly I managed new update for my challenge entry. Time is runing pretty fast. Here is first animatic, which will work as guideline for me from now on. Peter did his first huge step for soundtrack part ( there will be some timimng changes speaking about that ). C&C are welcome. Enjoy.

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hello Oweron

looks great and interesting idea! your concept art are good too :thumbsup: GOOD LUCK MAN :slight_smile:


Hey REZI-st!

Nice to see your avatar here again! XSI @ slux is pretty quiet, heh. Thanx for kind words. Good luck :thumbsup:


Nice Oweron,
I like the style… The music fits the images pretty well. Looks interesting.


Nice video- has a music video feel. Good editing to the music. A trailer you can dance to!
Reminds me of the DJ contest at the DNA Lounge here in San Francisco. Especially with the fractal bits…


VERY VERY nice stuff!! KEEP IT UP!!!:applause: :bounce:


Oh yes! How nice to see the parts together - this video rocks :thumbsup:
Will the subtexts be in or will you have narration/voicetrack?


Hey Jusaj! Very good beginning! Good luck for the challenge my friend!


Hey folks!
I am currently in Holland with my gf, so lack of updates in here :slight_smile:

@igorstshirts - thanx mate! Peter is happy to read that music fits the image. I trust him in such a tasks, he is great musician.

@userBrian - heh, so VJ projection feel. Well, doesn,t sound bad to me. I was always interested in DJ/VJ world :thumbsup:

@OZ - Thanx for another push up bro!

@Gunilla - Hey my SIS is here! Thanx for nice words. I will try to modulate my voice to sound good in this trailer - so YES, I will have voicetrack without subtitles there. It might be good to have my funny accent there, he he he :slight_smile:

@medunecer - Hellooooo my friend! Hope the sketch finally reached you… I really will need lot,s of luck in order to finish this challenge. But I really want to so that might help a lot. Keep watching :smiley:


Great animatic. I like the way you varied the pacing through the middle and then brought it back up to tempo again. Very well done. Looks promising.


back in the track!

First finished scene. Not animated yet and without character which I am working on. C&C are welcome by chance ( We all know how time consuming is this trip ) Thanx.


Software: XSI

Little progress in here. Earth with animated cloud system and with citylights (or war´s fire) illuminating dark side of the globe… :slight_smile:

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the Stone ( in all its beauty )


Ahh, refreshing to see something a bit more original :thumbsup: Very nice style. It really makes me want to see more. :smiley:


@ AOK - thanx mate! More shots comming soon. I need to speed up production. Lot´s of “good, stylish” things pop up because of this deadline hunting… what is stressful but very productive :smiley:

@ fifty3dragons - Good to hear you like it. Thanx.


yes yes very nice progress :thumbsup: keep posting friend :buttrock:


first chamber - final scene without characters. Really need to speed up. I´m running out of schedule now. Enjoy,


Looking really good. Nice, solid, consistent style throughout. Will the Earth be spinning that fast in the final shot, or is the video you posted just a test?


Software: After Effects

here is first finished track created by my “sound wizard” Peter. He call this “theme” and will use some parts of it in final audio composition. Enjoy.

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Yeah, that punches it up another notch from the animatic. Nice work.

I’m curious about the visuals (the flying letters, etc). You said it’s done in After Effects. Is that a something you animated yourselves, or is it a plug-in of some sort that comes with the program?