Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


@ Sandpiper - thanx for nice feedback. I want to show things which could tickle my mind. Something not too stright but emotive. This vision of Flaw wants to play with viewer funny games :slight_smile:

@ fifty3dragons - there you go. You don´t need my words. I made it exactly like you said. Of course, there is also some additional layers transition and color correction for background images. If you keep looking at that image longer, you will see that it is very cheap trick, but for few seconds in motion it should work good enough :thumbsup:


Wow! You’re moving really fast on this… I love your concepts, very stylish as expected. The camera looping will be great for sure - it could provide just the right athmosphere. Well done - you’re taking a very clever approach here :slight_smile:


huh, my last - first - chamber design. Now I am going to focus on the begining part. So lonely tree, man with stone and antz :slight_smile: Than alien life form and - tadaaaa - I can start to modeling and preparing final shots.


So you are near starting models!? :slight_smile: mmh…curious about!
Cool 2d again!


back to begining. The tree wants to be kind of metaphor for nuclear explosion with “fire like autumn leaves”. Hope you like it. Comments are always welcome.


Great stills. I can’t wait to see them moving.:thumbsup:


Your collage of picutres, color, and sketching continue to amaze me even at this early stage. I hope the color scheme for sure carries into your finished version. It’s very powerful.


Ah, not that soon. Probably somewhere in the middle of November. First I want to make storyreel just with those stills in order to catch timeing and flow. And I also need to prepare it for sound editing. Just keep watching. Thank you :thumbsup:

@ KarpA - Me too :slight_smile: Thanx.


Yes. i wanted to find the colorscheme and the mood in this early stage. Will see how it works together in the reel. Maybe I will need some correction, but hopefuly no. Thanx for feedback :thumbsup:


Here we go. Another metaphor. How you folks feel that close?


Software: After Effects,Photo-Paint

testing uploader. Hope it will work :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Science Fiction without crazy aliens lifeform? No way… :slight_smile: Hope I didn´t run too far. Cheers!


Something important and useful :slight_smile:


lol. add em 3 more legs and tentacles on their back and you got a perfect previz for them jarts ^^


Shot from storyreel. Will try to finish it till the end of next week. I really need to start working on final shots… time time time :slight_smile:


Well there bro, you continue to make an impressive work here and the speed seams good to - are you as planned in time for this?
Love the aliens of course, your unique style is well sutied for this kind of project so just move on :thumbsup:


Good luck!:slight_smile: Som zvedavý čo z toho bude, držím palce:thumbsup:


very nice as allways in your style :wink: keep up this tempo we whant to see some more stuff from you :slight_smile:



@ Gunnie - thanx sis! Well, speaking about time :smiley: that truly scares me. This competition is on very last position in my life these days - but you know that “last but not least”, he he. Keep watching.

@ rawwad - welcome my friend! Good luck to you too!

@ tastatura - “as always in your style…” ha ha, thanx mate. Will try the best.


Still impressed by your 2d!! …more of your stuff i see and more i feel curious to see it in motion!