Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


@ ReinaldoRomero - Thank you. Enjoy the progress :slight_smile:

@ billyjoecool - ah, I know such a words, he he he. Will be happy to have it finished on time with style I have in mind. Thanx.

@ Tenacious - Nice words too. Well, I want to go with strong mixture of 3D and 2D elements. It will be more advanced animatic than regular animation. Hope to nail it enough.

@ Gunilla - heh, huge amount of work - :smiley: - need to simplyfy this as much as is possible in order to make it on time. Trust me Gunnie, this will be hard deadline hunt.


My first idea of 2nd Chamber. More surely will come with creating of 3D scene for it.


Hey Oweron!

I havent read the book so i cant comment on that side of things beyond the excerpts ive read here, but the storyboard is very clear to read and im liking your shots a lot!
Glad to see you trying the trailer option -think its the category id have been drawn towards too -lots of work but lots of fun! Looking forward to watching as you work-up from this storyboard!


My antropomorphic vision of The Death…


AGAIN! very original work! I ask to myself if is possible to you to edit this trailer as a 3d/2d cartoon! It may be very very cool!


Thistledown City. Huh, getting closer :slight_smile:


@ selina42 - I think you will be great part of the challenge anyway …You already are :thumbsup:

@ OZ - you´re almost close to what I want here. Not really cartoon style, but more graphical than cinema like is goal for this project. Thanx for nice words!


Love your concepts. Reminds me of Tim Burtons drawings a bit. Keep 'em coming…


Nice boards and concepts Oweron… Looks like I’ve got quite alot of catching up to do.


Progressing slowly. However, here is the design for Chamber 4.


lol, want to see Burton doing SF again :thumbsup: Apes were kind of mistake I guess. Nightmare is still one of my favourites. Thanx.

@ igorstshirts - you can make it, no worries about that. Keep going :slight_smile:


YEAH! im happy to read this! i mean…i like that you point to a “graphic stilish” trailer.:slight_smile:
I followed a very classic way of doing in my trailer,but…when i saw your concepts i realize that may be very cool look at some more stylish than real…
Did you know “mirrormask” movie? is a superb “visionaire” piece of work from Neil Gaiman

another fantastik “real but not real” movie is the grinch


also THUNDERBIRDS the movie is visually cool.


New update. This time, chamber #5. It´s pretty close, speaking about gfx style I have in mind for this project. Weekend is comming and I hopefuly will have time to finish designs for other chambers too.


Another small step here :slight_smile: Sixth chamber. I also decided to add kind of transporter as a moving thing to control different parts of “engine” within this zone. Probably not really coresponding with book I guess.


weel done! i like the 5th chamber colours and design!! very puowerfull… Your style is intense.The 6th chamber is very colose to the book feeling…yes…KEEP IT UP! :bounce:


I’ve been checking out your entry. Very impresive. The two chambers you’ve posted have a great feel to them. I really like the style of the other concept stuff you’ve posted to. Is that just the style for your concept art, or do you intend to pursue that as the overall style for the trailer (I’m curious since your chambers seem to have more of a 3D feel to them at this point)?


@OZ - thanx mate. It is always good to here/read positive feedback :thumbsup: Even if this stage means very light progress within my thread. Long way infront. Keep going.

@fifty3dragons - thank you for searching this thread. Well, speaking about final look, I will try to achieve kind of 2D / 3D collage - just to speed things up, since I don´t want to focus on details but more on the mood and flow. So it is going to be more advanced version of animatic than finished 3D trailer.


Do you folks remember that oldschool infinity trick, when camera is shoting its own image from TV? Something like that I want to use in oreder to set the mood of singularity / 7th chamber.


Yes! That would be a clever but understandable trick to try to visualize the singularity. When you start talking about the Flaw, it’s starts getting really abstract and open-ended as far as how it would look to our eyes…it’s coming along nicely! :slight_smile:


Another interesting visual. Your images are very compelling. If you have time, would you mind explaining briefly how you achieved that effect? To me it looks like you maybe blew up the image of the woman really big, then keep pasting slightly reduced copies over one another until it came back to the original (and with a glow around the inner image layer?). Was it something like that?