Eon (Trailer) Entry: Juraj Molcak


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wellcome in m8!


Little moody step for the begining.


Hello folks. I am happy to participate another nice challenge. Good luck to everybody around here.
Very cool that I can work on trailer since I want to profile myself as designer/storyboard/storyreel artist. Sadly, I can´t go in team ´coz I don´t feel like to keep other folks waiting for my random updates. I will hopefuly in touch with my cousin Peter - musician, in order to have some nice soundtrack in here.
About the book - I have to go with what is in inspiration and about section, and hopefuly will enjoy the suggestions from artists familiar with the story and mood from the book itself. On the other hand, it could be nice to just sketch the movie inspirated by the elements from the book, not exact story of it.
So, again, good luck everybody. Enjoy the challenge. Enjoy this thread as well. Open for discussion :thumbsup:



Welcome to the arena. :smiley: Like the first entry. Has a very stylized feel to it.


Hey there! Good to see you entering and I’m really looking forward to what you will do for the trailkr - best of luck! :wink:


@ OZ, Tenacious, Gunnie - thanx for nice invitation folks. Will check out yours soon :thumbsup:


This fella want to be character for trailer intro. Sort of scientist. He might be added extra movie character related to somebody from the book (if not fits one of regular characters)


Hey Oweron!

Great to see you here again! -im too busy myself to take part this time round -but i wish you all the best -im a huge fan of your work anyway and know you’ll put a fresh slant on things! Loving your concept sketches already!

Good luck!


I get inspiration from one of my early sketches with subject of meteor impact. I want to achieve kind of stony yet organic look.


orbital mood test :slight_smile:


Hallo :bounce:


Here is my triler´s story idea. Hope it is readable ( ah, that compression limit ) Feel free to comment…



Very nice idea. I very excited to see the first CG scenes. The artworks are looking great.
Hope my storyboard will be half as nice as yours.

Good luck (but you don’t need it ^^)


VERY ORIGINAL!! my compliments!!! :bounce:


@ Selina42 - ah, Selina. Very happy to see you around. Thanx for nice words. Me too have pretty busy time, but somehow I want to try this trailer thing. But if something else will appear, something additional to what I have now - I will be out for sure. :thumbsup:
@ makaron - Hey Mona! Hello :bounce:

@ machichi - Thanx. I am sure you will do your best and that is what counts. I have to calm you down speaking about CG scenes - they will be more 3D sketch than finished piece. but hopefuly with good mood and graphics feel.

@ OZ - Thank you!


Very interesting story, best luck mate, looking forward on this


you have a winner there :thumbsup:


Me Likes muchly. :thumbsup: The storyboard looks good and is easy to read, I can tell whats going on. Intresting to see such a stylistic entry is this going to be 3D or hand animated? I think the rules said you could do the later, can’t really remember. I’m really keen to see how your images translate into models if thats the path your taking.


I love yor initial designs - very stylish! It looks like you have a huge amount of work ahead - a lot of goodies in your own style. I think this will become great already :thumbsup: