Eon (Trailer) Entry: Joshua Gilmer


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Eon Logo Concept


Lets do this:buttrock:


Lets do this:bounce:


This is our projected pipeline for the CG Talk Eon challenge.


Wow. You guys are super organized. Is the gradiant into red to keep the fire burning under you as the deadline looms? :slight_smile:


You got the idea perfectly! We work pretty good under pressure, so yeah…the red serves as a good warning. Work harder! Ha…I hope we are able to stick to it. I’m sure we will be. Full Sail shouldn’t be killing us too badly over the next couple of months. I’m very excited about this project!


Here is a logo concept for Eon. I like playing off the circular shapes in each letter. To end the trailer, we’re planning on sending a camera backwards through the long cylindrical corridor on a helical path. As the camera flies through upwards, it will pass several ringss rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise around a beam of light. Three of these rings will form the letters E-O-N. Then the rings will rotate off of each other to reveal the films name. Let me know what you guys think of it! All c&c is highly welcome.


Very nice logo. At first I thought it might be a little hard for viewers to read (unless a person knew in advance what it said), but your explanation for the camera work and having the letters rotate out makes sense. Will the leters be all the same size once they separated (i.e. I assume the view now is that of looking down the “tunnel” created by them, thus the “e” appears smaller and the “n” bigger)? Some nice subtle coloring in the star field too. Was that deliberate or a result of the light effect you were using? Either way, it looks great!


Yes…the letters will be very close to the same size. The lighting was put on a separate layer in photoshop, and I set the blending mode to luminosity. No real color comes from that layer. I painted in the colorations on a different layer. After all, space isn’t flat black. The cosmos are very much alive with all sorts of different shades from our spectrum. Thanks!


Nice logo. I actually found it pretty close to mine ( also with idea of rotating), but hey, no logo will make the trailer :thumbsup: Let us see some storyboards. Keep going! Good luck.


your logo is very well put together, and your schedule shows that you’re very well prepared and commited to this. nice job so far, cant wait to see more!


GREAT IDEA! the logo is fantastic! make sense with the novel! very well designed!:eek:


Oh… good pipeline, do it well :slight_smile:
Good luck.


you guys still at it…?:slight_smile:


Still here!:bounce:


Cool ideea you have for your logo.
Keep it up.
Regards, Spire.


hey nice idea for the title! It reminds the concept of the journey, the rooms and the tunnel all at once! Great!

ThE-ShiFT team


Perfect timetable setup! I really hope it holds and works out for you guys.
Fine idea about the logo.
Not so sure about the ending placement for it, tho. It sounds like the movement is going to be quite long so it will eat up some of your frames which are precious.
Once you have completed the pre-animation, try and see if you could introduce the sequence bit by bit within the trailer itself. Could work… you never know - until you try.


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