Eon (Trailer) Entry: Jorge Lescale Muciño


TheFirstAngel: :scream: :slight_smile: thanx my friend

jdsb: lol…yeah friend updates on the way…next step is the body :wink:

mosconariz: jajaja…gracias man…:beer: :smiley: :smiley:


ok, some friend helped me with constructive crits, and well here is the result, very minor tweaks to this guy…
thanx friends!


WOW, thats awesome man!!. the upper lips looking a little bit puffy , the eyes are f$%#$# awesome man!:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::buttrock:


Hiya man! Good job so far, you’re really speeding along here! The only crit I have on the face is that on the tip of the nose, usually the tip of the nose is one of the smoothest places on any face, but you have several bumps there and it looks really rough. Maybe that was what you were going for, i don’t know, but I think it should be smoother. But other than that…lovin the progress! Looks GREAT!!


Great face! I would like to see some wireframes on that. keep goin’!


This is an update by Madshooter (Roshan Lohani) :
madshooter wrote: Nose needs some tweaking,and texturing is still wip.


modeling on Hoffmans head
Uploaded By Madshooter ( Roshan Lohani)


Hi everybody. Well this awip image of Judith One of the characters from Eon Novel.
She is a scientist, I guess she looks like a scientist:). Her nose needs some tweaking and also texturing is still a WIP.
All C&c’s welcome.


hey, everthing looks without real form, nose, cheeks, chin, etc… the render is wrong for this, the neck looks part of the chin.


Warpy: Hey Dude, Just started with the model, I will do all small changes in Z-brush with other small details.:slight_smile: Thanx for replying.


Some nice looking stuff going on here. The Lanier model looks awesome (even before the tweaking). I think the Judith model is a little more rough right now, but I can see you’re working on it. But she definitely has that scientist look.

Looking forward to seeing your storyboards, etc. Best of luck!


ok…i made this custom for the character i working on…ill start the modeling after detailing this one


cool clothes amigo keep going :twisted:


Lanier model is perfect! even the clothing.About the hoffman…mmh…I think that she may be older.
anyway,well done!:thumbsup:


great work on lanier. clothing looks great too.
about Judith Hoffman, i just seen its earlyy WIP, so no big crits on her.
I made a few thoughts on the model and hope these points help. just imagined her with a bit harder features, since she’s a leading person -a woman of authority and a bit older maybe when i read the book, i had a birdlike character in front of my eye - thou that might have been a deja vue with my nightmarish memories of my english teacher - oxfordish with a th that easily blows out a candle from 25 meters, deadly when in nearrange :scream:
To give her harder features, more definition of the cheekbones and jaw/ chin area could help. the nose is highest on the fix list, noseholes could use an extra loop to avoid them to become that big on subdividing, also, that helps the definition of shape. where the nose meets the inner parts of the eye, i miss pits that define the eyesurrounding area, and a greek nose… well maybe a tad bit less of it and give where the nose meets the forehead a bit more volume adjustment too. Lips and eyes could use a bit more definition too, eyes specially on the inner side where the tears get produced, the pit towards the nose, the underlids where they separate eye from cheekarea.
lips, underlips between the chin and the lips around the mouth could use a bit of definition too. if you should deciede on giving her more mature features, the neck could - in manner of harmonizing with the features - use a bit more definition too.
hope that thoughts may be inspiring on your further progresss or having been helpful in any way :slight_smile: keep up the great works mates, rock on! :beer::buttrock:::wip:


great team here!!

(Sorry I missed this all this time!)


Good luck!


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