Eon (Trailer) Entry: igor tkac


Heavy lifters… Russian rockets


Thanks ittrium,
Don’t get arrested! :slight_smile:


Yeah, that last loop really rocks. I must have watched Denver blow up at least half a dozen times. :scream: I thought the cloud looked pretty good myself. And I like the handheld camera effect. Great work!


Russian rockets in flight…


I’m glad you liked the loop fifty3dragons… I appreciate it.

This shot was done pretty quickly. I would have liked to give the smoke trails some animation but I don’t think I’ll have enough time to figure that out. It would make a huge diff… Maybe after the challenge, I’ll tweak this a little more.

You can see an animated loop right here…

I finished the book about two days ago. Pretty inspirational to work side by side with a huge piece of work like that. Finishing a few shots for the trailer is nothing compared to the amount of time and research going into a novel like that.

Nice work Greg.


Another great shot! Smoke animation would be nice, as you say, but depending on how long the shot is on screen it probably won’t be that noticeable.

One comment: I found the dark mass at the top left of the screen somewhat confusing. At first I thought it was supposed to be the moon or maybe the asteroid or something. Then after I watched it loop a few times I guessed it might be the next layer of clouds. I’m still not a hundred percent sure.:slight_smile: It could possibly be removed altogether; I think the shot would look fine without it. Just a thought. But that’s a minor point.

Overall it’s very nice work, and will integrate well with your other shots.


I revised my animated logo to give a little more insight to the story.


I nominate fifty3dragons for the community award and positivity re-enforcement.:slight_smile:

I agree about the very most foreground rocket with smoke. It would read alot better animated though… Which I might do after the challenge ends. Sorry I can’t revise the shots based on your crits, they are appreciated!

I did revise the last scene a little to clarify the premise of the book a little more.

It’s right here if anyone is interested…

Working on my last shot now… Trying to tie into the final logo somehow.



hehe, well I’d say there have been a lot of encouraging people in this challenge, but I appreciate the kind words. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m finding the same thing. It’s really too late in the game to change anything now, even if/when I agree with the feedback. But I figure it can always help for next time. Plus I’m a firm believer that the comments/critiques are just as useful for the one making them (perhaps even more so) since they have to work through in their own head first what they want to say.

I like the revised logo! :slight_smile:


The only video/audio editing program that I own is Premiere 6.0. I used it to make the soundtrack and time out my clips in 24 fps. The final pieces of video are being rebuilt in Aftereffects.


I look on Premiere 6.0 screenshot and remember the youth :slight_smile:


Very interesting. I never thought of using Premiere for putting together the soundtrack, but I suppose it would work quite well.

Just a couple more days now. Have fun finishing! :slight_smile:


Leftover concept render


Premiere worked out pretty well… Still working… AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH… Almost there. Might be done tomorrow… Pulling an all nighter.

See you at the finish line! I will comment on everybody’s trailers soon.


There’s light at the end of the tunnel (or perhaps darkness–whichever you prefer; there’s rest at any rate). I had to give up all nighters once we had kids, or rather they dictated which nights would be the all nighters. :scream:

Nice concept piece, btw.


I don’t have a milestone for this so…


Software: After Effects

Eon teaser

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Wow, I just watched that through about a half a dozen times or so. Splendid work! Really well done. I thought the music and SFX integrated very well with the visual images, especially at the beginning with the train and how the soundtrack moved out of the sound of the crossing signal. And the rest of the soundtrack was quite captivating as well, almost haunting, especially at the end. Color-wise I thought there was also strong continuity throughout.

I’ve also been very impressed by what you’ve been able to achieve in CorelDRAW. I’ll have to give that program a look sometime.

It’s exciting to see all these great enties final come together. I knew this one was going to be good, and I was not disappointed. Great work!


I can’t believe you picked up on the sound starting at the rail tracks… That’s crazy. Thanks alot.

Still kinda jerky though… Might compress it again… So buttery smooth at millions of colors 1gig file.


Software: After Effects

Same trailer… I encoded it again with same as source fps… Hope that solves the smoothness issue.

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