Eon (Trailer) Entry: igor tkac


The camera will zoom on the stone to reveal a little more detail and give it some scale.


The camera will zoom out to show the stone heading towards Earth. Scene 1.


Thanks for the comment and the bump OZ.

I’ve been struggling to get the timing of this first shot right, as it and the last scene are some of the most important. It’s ten seconds long… At 1280 by 500, 24fps and extreme antialiasing, I’m looking at about a 3-4 day render.

My rock still needs more bump and I’m not too keen on the shape of it towards the end of the shot either. The f-stop on the camera is a crazy 120, space telescope style.

I can’t believe there’s only a month left on this… I might not be able to finish… I’d like 5 more scenes, it’s gonna be close.


Yeah, one month left. We’re rounding the corner into the home stretch now. Some nice looking shots here. That’s definitely a potato! :slight_smile: The color scheme between the moon and the asteroid strike me as being very close. Should maybe one or the other be differeniated a bit? Looking good overall though.


Damn Ig,

Absoultely awesome work… and lots of it! I love the consistency of each shot…everything looks like it fits together. Keep crankin’ bro, youre almost done.


It was somewhat intentional to keep my color scheme from getting away from me, which it almost always does. I tried to seperate the objects via DOF, motion and position in Z space.

What up Chimp,
Thanks alot bro… Cohesiveness ranks as one of the more important values in my project … So I appreciate the comment. And “almost” is a relative term.

You can check out the final loop right here!!!

P.S. Dang chimp, you might wanna work on more views in your port. Looking a little skimpy there.:scream:


Rockets launching from NORAD in Colorado.


This shot is to establish the fact that the beginning of the story does take place on earth. The rockets in the background are being launched from N.O.R.A.D. :}

You can see a loop of this shot right here

I’m gonna blow up Denver in my next shot.


This was the initial train scene. I was not happy with the composition so I reworked it to the current version.


You can see a loop of this shot here.


This is a photo of downtown Denver I took a while ago… I’m going to clean it up and cut it up into background, middle and foreground pieces to give it some depth. I’m going for a handheld camera feel. Should be finished by tomorrow or the day after.


Wow, lots of nice loops here. The train looks great (and sounds great too; effects track or did you do your own recording for it?). I’m really looking forward to seeing this one all put together!


Sunny day in Denver like every other… Focus on the foreground.


Focus shifts toward downtown Denver…


Disaster strikes


Zooming in on the explosion


The end of Denver Colorado!!!


This shot took a little longer than I had hoped for. Cleaning, cutting and clone stamping hidden areas is not fun.

I used a long lens approach with a short lens in Aftereffects… Not too happy with the cloud I made and the whole shot needs tweaking but must move on to the next one.

You can see a Flash loop of this shot right over here.



Oh yeah… and thanks Fifty! Sounds still need work. Some are recorded with my Sony VX-2000 digi cam. Later!


Nice shot!
I will blast city tomorrow :slight_smile: