Eon (Trailer) Entry: igor tkac


YES…cool otv shuttle!


This is a motion blur test in Lightwave.


coolkonrad and OZ,
Thanks alot… I do appreciate your comments for sure.

This shot is a motion blur test in Lightwave. Considering how bad of a rep motion blur gets in LW, I am pretty happy with the result… It’s not quite Aftereffects quality DOF or motion blur but I think it will work. The shuttle is spinning vertically as the rock is moving by it at high speed…

I set the focus on the shuttle with a pretty low f-stop to blur the rock even a little more… It looks a little better in the actual shot. I would composite the shuttle infront of an Aftereffects blured stone but there are lights emitting from the shuttle to show some of the height variations of the rock and to create even more contrast.

I will add another shuttle closer to the camera with some DOF to fill up the empty right portion of the frame. I need to light the shuttle a little better, add some stickers and perhaps some volumetric lights for contrast and atmospherics. I should have an HD loop no later than Wednsday.



Motion blur and dof or not,the scene looks pretty cool.
I think that the fx quality is not “everything”
Keep it up! things looks interesting here.


Mirsky shot


Thanks again OZ.

Okay so,
I’m going for a money shot… Mirsky flying up the side of the stone with alot of other cosmonauts while American shuttles are spinning around them… I want the camera to follow the shuttles and some cosmonauts into a hole in the stone whre they are met by tanks strapped into the rock with wires and such. Pretty complex scene the way I visualize it in my head.

If I can pull off the shot, I will try for one more money shot of a train, parachutists and chamber. I can do the rest of the scenes with cards in 3D space and hardly any movement, depending on time left. Thanks!


I am sort of having a hard time visualizing the lighting in the chambers though… If there is one long light source (plasma tube) there, seems like not alot of room for dramatic lighting experiments.

Your comment about the tubelight not casting a strong shadow is correct.In a sentence Lenier steps out with Patricia into the tubelight, and it states the tubelight shadow was barely visible. Then again there are clouds in the chamber, were they under cloud cover too? Hey! But all is not lost- not to mention ,by the way, there is no night in the chambers, always tubelight-on,
I guess the elevator is really inside the cap anyway, so it would be harshly lit,probably, so that is cool. Getting back to this- you can contrast the very contrasty light outside the Stone, in outer space, with the more “Global” lighting inside the stone.:bounce:
OK-looked it up. It’s in EON, obviously. Page 39. “The clear pale light of the plasma tube never varied and cast only the vaguest of shadows beneath their feet as they walked”.
Now, is the elevator inside the cap or out? I read that somewhere…
Oh,yeah, even the sun on Earth casts vague shadows under clouds, so the passage must mean the tubelight casts vague shadows, period.
Also, your attack scene in the entrance to the Stone, would be harshly lit I imagine, as I plan to do such an animated scene too, if I get to it!


Mmmm… nice… I like :thumbsup:

Good colors, altho the blurriness does throw off the scale of things quite a bit.


Pretty close to the final model… A few more stickers and it’s time for some shots.


Thanks userBrian,
I guess my version will have a few discrepancies from the book for artistic reasons but I won’t stray too far. I guess even lighting in the chamber shot. Thanks for the feedback and the clearing up of a few things.


Yeah, I need to figure the scale on that shot out… That’s kind of why I left it and moved on to other scenes. Thinking a way to add scale to the stone… Thanks.


I redid Mirsky’s thumbs and added a few details to help with the cinematics some, including the handle grips and the foreward lights.

I’ve always liked the lighting in the scene from the first Shrek film where the donkey and the ogre are in the castle to rescue the princess… I like the way the hot reds push on the blues there… I sorta took cues from that to light this guy here. Just a few more logos/stickers and I’m ready to render a few shots. I have some good ideas for dramatic and dynamic action shots… Let’s see if I can make them happen as close as I see 'em. Thanks!


I had a chance to render out a loop of Mirsky flying this weekend… Still needs some work though.

You can see it here…


Some nice work you’re putting out here. At first I thought the lighting on the still image was a little harsh, but in the loop I think it actually works quite well. I liked the scene you mentioned from Shrek as well. In fact, that’s an idea I hadn’t really thought of, i.e. referencing scenes form movies I like for choosing colour, lighting, etc. Sounds like a good approach.


Final shot for sure… Next!


Thanks again fifty…

I sort of fell behind with this shot… Busy here at my shop for the holidays… This is going to be intense.

You can see the final shot right here


That was awesome! Really nice sequence, and the music works great with it. Keep it coming!


Dang fifty3…
You’re even viewing the big files with sound? Thanks… I’m glad you like the sequence and the music.

I’m going to make my own track the last week of the challenge. That should be scary. Later!


hey. Progressing well. Shot is nice, but I am missing a hint of dynamic in it IMHO. :thumbsup:


Thanks Oweron… I don’t think I’ll have any dynamic shots now. I want at least one but I’m not sure if I can swing it. Time is running out.


Very good looking stuff! i think that you got a great sense of colour and a cool modeling style!:thumbsup:


Thistledown heading toward earth passing our moon