Eon (Trailer) Entry: igor tkac


Thanks fifty3,
You are right. There is so much more that I wanted to do with this but I’m moving on now to the next shot. I’m going to try for ten shots of this detail.

BTW… I wanted the text reversed and stationary on the helmets, a reflection of the cosmonauts on the window, some more backlit pipes and equipment and a few other things… Oh well. These are going to be more like HD schematics or pre-viz for more realistic shots.

I am going to pull the focus from the rear to the front cosmonaut to add even more depth to my scene. Stay tuned.


Very nice move, as expected :thumbsup: As a suggestion - you should consider the size of your shots. They need 640 pixels wide what could make your details go nuts. BTW: Any plans to show us full storyboard? I am very curious about. Keep going.


Man Oweron,
I didn’t even think about what will happen once the shots are dropped to 640… Maybe I can use 720 by 480? That’s 4:3.

Oh well… At least I will have all of my shots in HD… Or close to it.

I’m only on page 200 or so in the book right now so I only have a few boards and they are pretty much in my head at this moment. I think I’m just gonna wing it and spend my time on the actual scenes. I’m going to finish this challenge, I need shots for my demo. Later!


As far as I know, rulez says 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 (4:3). Coz you have to upload through the uploader which sure has this limitation :sad: Great to read that you have some plans with demoreel. l8r!


Here is part of a CorelDraw vector illustration from the above scene. The shield is a sphere in Lightwave with high reflect and specular properties, the rest is all vector art. This is how I’m going to do most of my shots… I think.


looks good mate. Has a really stylized look to it.


Cool! I don’t know much about vector art, but I’m definitely impressed. I was sure that loop was 3D. Looks like you’ve got your pipeline working smoothly for you.

As for size, if you check the rules it states that the aspect ratio has to be 4:3 and the maximum size allowed is 640x480 (which means if you want to go 16:9 or bigger you have to letterbox it in the 640x480 window; that’s what I’m doing). Something to do with the uploader, I guess.



Thanks as well… I’d like to adhere to a certain look to make these shots cohesive.

I guess it’s 640 then… No problem

I’m checking out you guys’ shots as well… Waiting to see some tests from you to see all of the dif directions. Later!


This is the scene where Lanier starts to show Patricia around the stone… Service elevator.


This is my final still. I will try to have an animated HD loop by Monday morning.


ANother great shot. I like the color scheme you’ve chosen for this (based on the couple of shots you’ve posted so far) and can see it’s going to all blend together very well. And again, the visuals are outstanding. I’ll be watching for the loop. Keep it up!


Don’t worry I think that from what I have seen so far you’ll do fine in the cohesive department. I notice you uses very strong Yellow and Reds with some green. Are you going to use any other colors or are you just going to stick with these primarily?


Thanks fifty…

I seem to gravitate towards this color scheme each time… Sort of a bad habit. These shots do utilize alot of bright reds to signify “danger” a little bit. I am going to change up my pallette to cooler schemes with blues and purples for the space shots, trying to stay within my style.

I am sort of having a hard time visualizing the lighting in the chambers though… If there is one long light source (plasma tube) there, seems like not alot of room for dramatic lighting experiments.

I am on page 300 or so, so maybe I’ll get a better idea towards the end of the book.

Thanks for the support!


THE ELEVATOR SCENE ROXX! wow! great light and shadows! and the colour mood is fantastic too!!:eek:


This is the final elevator scene… Moving on to the shuttle.


Thanks OZ,
if you like that… You might like the HD loop.


Great loop! The additional work you did on the color scheme for that shot really paid off too. Impressive! :thumbsup:


Concept ship… I used a Christmas tree as inspiration for the design. I am going to milk this ship and use it in about four or five shots.


Thanks fifty… Not sure about the blues in the elevator shot really but… Moving on.

I’ll add some stickers to this shuttle and post an HD 360 view Flash loop soon. I am thinking about a launch pad shot, close up of the thrusters during flight shot and one or two in/near asteroid shot/s. Later!


Very nice style man! Can’t wait to see more.