Eon (Trailer) Entry: igor tkac


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Trailer final


Concept logo for final shot. 3D layers enabled in Aftereffects… Lightwave and CorelDraw were used to generate the logo.


Now, this look MASSIVE! Hope you will finish this challenge unlike one before :thumbsup: Good luck mate!


I find this to be an intellectual challenge for sure.

I am thinking about a storyboard style promo, tablet drawn illustrations in 3D space, 2.5D stylee.

you can see an animated version of my EON logo here…
EON Flash loop


Thanks Oweron,
keep me awake when I start to sleep on my project. Good luck to you!


Great logo. I really liked the animated version (out of curiosity, what aspect did you use CorelDraw for?). Best of luck on the challenge.


Thanks fifty3,
I used CorelDraw to draft out the letters. I then imported them into Lightwave for texture, light and final render… Later!


Nice job Ig… the logo looks great as a 2D piece and even the animated flash version looks great (you shouldve hooked up seperate movie frame rates on the shooting stars though). Keep hammering away man - J


great design! The black/in the dark “O” is a powerfull poit to watch…and is close to the feelings of the book! well done!


Thanks chimp,
The frame rate on the animation I posted is 15 a second for bandwidth purps. The final will be at 30fps though.

I’m glad you picked up on the backlit “O”… Thanks… Looks like you’ve done alot of work as well already.

I should have a scene finished by the end of the week. (I’m on page 90 or so in the book).


Previz shot.


You must have read some of the book, cause I’m definately seeing the ‘baked potato’. It looks good, but I would add more variety and detail to Stone. This will help with the scale of it. Right now it looks much smaller than it actually should be.

Also, does the foreground object ever come into focus? If so, it’s fine. But if not, I really can’t tell what it is I’m looking at. It looks neat, but I can’t interpret it’s function.

Overall, it’s a good job! Keep up the good work!


Ha. It’s the potato! Great shot.

I’m assuming that’s the Earth in the background (?). I only ask because at the top left over the “light” of the foreground object there’s a patch that resembles a moon crater (or could be). It might be helpful to back the shot off just a bit, or change the angle somewhat,to make that clear (?). Good stuff. Even if it wasn’t entered in a challenge for Bear’s novel I think I could have picked out which book to associate that picture with :slight_smile: .


Hey, love the depth of field with the satellite. I don’t know if you are joking or serious but if the stone is really like that I think you’ve overdone the potatoe part, mainly because of how smooth it is. Needs more bump. Ultimately it’s up to you. Well done anyway. :thumbsup:


I think you’re right. The asteroid texture is pretty big… Like 5000 pix accross. I might zoom into the scene to reveal a tiny shuttle infront of the stone… That might help the scale issue some.

The blury object is supposed to be a space station… I’ll add some blinky lights to it to help read that as well. We’ll see.

I can see that being a little hard to read as well… That portion will be rotating slowly to reveal more earth like patterns… That should help. I might clone stamp out that little crater like anomaly though. Thanks!


Man, I guess I nailed the potato thing. I’m going to zoom in on it to reveal more detail. I hope. Thanks for viewing!

P.S. I’m not all too concerned with everything being completly readable and clear. Some chaos and confusion might add some drama. After all, it is a trailer to instill a little curiosity in the viewer.


about the “potato”…well works great! the render is very nice! like the the focus effect!

give us more of this…the start is good!!compliments.:thumbsup:


Here is scene 5 from my trailer…


It took me a solid week to finish this scene… Lots of hours. You can view the animated loop here. Give it a few seconds to complete the loop as it is about three megs. Thanks!


Fantastic loop! What a lot of work! Nice depth and good motion.

One question: would the text visible on their helmets (a very nice touch btw) move like that (i.e. would it move with the helmets) or would it remain static and different lines above and below show as the helmet moves? I’m not sure if I’m wording that in a way that makes sense. I’m just thinking, if it’s a reflection of a stationary text, then as the helmet moves I’m not sure the text would move with it. I think rather that the reflection of the text would change as the angle of the helmet changes, because at different angles it would reflect slightly different text.

Anyway, that’s a very small detail, and not something that I think detracts from the overall impact of the animation. Great job! :thumbsup: