Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


Interesting, very interesting! It is pleasant to look on professional work.
Truck is great!


Software: After Effects,CINEMA 4D

VSTOL clip by Peter.

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Those are two beautiful clips, both the shot of the eye and the VSTOL flyby. In the flyby, I did notice that the clouds seem to “jump” or speed up slightly just at the transition point and then settle back to normal speed. But it’s still a fantastic shot. I’d love to see a tutorial sometime on how you put that all together (maybe after the challenge is over?).


Wow! Colors are so amazing!!
But you clouds must moves more softly and in accordance with camera motions.


I shall try to put togheter a tutorial but as you say, after the competition. And I also think that the clouds or the whole transition when the Vstol have passed is some what jerkey, maybe I will have some time (not :slight_smile: to correct it but as it is now we just want to finish all the scenes. Our motto this week: “Well - looks kind of good… next scene!”.



You are right!
I almost round-the-clock sits near my PC. I hope efforts are not vain :wink:


Very impressive. I can’t wait to see it completed!


fifty3dragons asked for a tutorial of the Vstol fly by scene and here comes a screen shot of one of the compositions in After Effects. Basically it’s a bunch of Photoshop layers witch I have animated just by changing the position as the vstol flies by. This is image 1 of 2.


This is a image of all the different parts. It’s not that detailed but I hope you can get inspiration from it. It was fun to do. Our first approach was to do it with camera mapping but we soon realized that we didn’t have the proper knowledge a nd time, but maybe next time. You learn something new every day.


This is our version of Olmy. This is where he speaks to the Minister in the beginning of the trailer. Model and texture done in Modo.


Hi again. This is the balcony in the opening scene. Olmy and The minister is to be added later. Rough color adjustment.
Models done in Modo. Texture and render in C4D by Victor.


cool animation! and great use of the plates mixed with 3d…I like a lot Olmy model too.
Is very close as i imagine it.What looks clear looking at this thread is that you seem to have a precise idea of the EON’s world.Brilliant.


I like the city see it from top , I like the mood you have in that scene.
Regards, Spire.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

A clip of Patricia running down a corridor.

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Her arm twists a lot 3/4 of the way through the animation when she is running through the light (warm). The rest of it looks great.


Hey, thanks so much to Peter for doing up that tutorial (especially while the challenge is still ongoing)! It was great, and just what I was looking for. A little insight into how it was all put together. Much appreciated!!!

That’s a great shot of Patricia running. I noticed the arm thing too. Just something about the way it turns as it goes from the light into shadow or something (or maybe it’s the lighting itself that makes it look a bit strange). I wonder too if maybe her mouth closed slightly at some point if it would add a little expression to her face.

I really like that balconey shot. Is some of the city cloned/generated, or did you placed every building manually?

Looking great!


Good eye there Wade. I watched it again and noticed it is because of the ligthing, maybe make her turn back when she is in the light instead.


Your animation don’t look bad but I suggest you try to reduce keyframes and put them in the points when the character change evidentely the position. It could look better. Good luck!


To spire: You’re right, but due to time issues, I used a motion capured file and layered some animation on top of that. Normally I would hand key the animation.
To blueglitch: The arm isn’t actually twisting. Its a trick of the light as fiftydragons pointed out. But U may be right. Maybe it looks weird. But unfortunatly no time to change it.

Thanks for your comments all!


This one’s looking fantastic so far…you guys are real pros…I can’t wait to see the final version!