Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


Really nice modelling and textures.
Keep on your style, pretty looking and charismatic.
ood luck.


Final texture for Patricia. Next step is to do all the environments and final composits - fun!


those hands are damn near perfect. great job!


what can i say aside “wow”… really great texturing ! :thumbsup:


cool, great texturing dudes, i like yours works!


I wish I had the time to tweek this some more, but it’ll have to do. This is the final version of Patricia. Rigging and animating is next.


Very impressive, as always. Both the hand shot and the Patricia model. I’m curious about render time. For example, how long did it take to render the three head shots posted above?


OK, this is a render test. Final animation will be up soon.


The Vstol scene. Allmost done with the panoramic matte painting. This is more of a lightning test. Can’t wait to see it fully animated. Soon Christmas and 28 days to go :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

Here is our first animation test. 2 versions: The first is the un-altered render from max and the 2nd is the composite-pass.

/Henrik & Peter

Play Video >>


Some really impressive stuff here!
The frant is spot on. Looking forward to see the final trailer.
Kör hårt! fast det är ju rätt gott om tid:)


Hey ! Some test and FX pass ! really great job. Happy to see a first “complete” trailer part ! your concept comes to be solid now !
can’t wait to see the all.
Good Luck for this final step :thumbsup:


Very nice animatic. This is all starting to get very exciting!!!

I’m really fascinated by that panoramic matte painting. I’ve never actually seen one done before. I assume the camera pans from left to right as the V/STOl “flies by.” I’d love to know some of the basic principles behind doing such a painting. For example, I see there’s a mountain more or less at the transition point from one direction to another; is that sort of thing something that should always be included?

Great work!


Hi, great done!! Keep it on!


Long time no see! Yepp it’s 10 days left and we have a busy week ahead of us. But we haven’t posted anything this year so here’s the finals truck for the truck scene. Model and texture by Victor.


Way to go guys.
All the effort will be payed off.

Beautyfull work, admiration and respect coming from Croatia.


Nice work on the truck. We all know this one’s going to rock!! If the world was created in 7 days, then we all still have time to spare :scream:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

The last clip in our trailer. Minus the tear. That will be added in final comp.

Play Video >>


The eye video clip looks great! Though I think that the eyeball itself could look a little more “wet”.
Looking forward to see your full trailer.


that shot looks great, the one thing i would say is that the eyeball dosnt look wet enough, it needs a bit more goo in my opinion. other than that its great and so is the rest of the stuff in this thread. great texturing on the truck.