Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


I kinda like the teaser poster! It really does give some depth into what you see from the storyboards and designs.

The V/STOL design reminds me of the Terminator 1 and 3 - HK’s a bit…
non-theless, nice conversion. :slight_smile:


Just wanna show you some progress. We’re currently into heavy modelling and texture. Anyway, these are the untextured models for Patricia and Lanier. First version anyway…


Very nice, I especially like the hair. Lanier does look a little thin, though. I, at least, imagined him a bit more…I’m not sure if “masculine” is the right word. The Patricia model looks great!

I’m very curious to see them textured!


More great models. It’s really getting to the nitty-gritty stuff now. Keep it coming!


Well my homework for this weekend was to learn how do do a head texture. And here it is. This one is rendered in Modo and lacks some obvious details but Henrik will do the rest. For texturing I used Modo for UV’s, Zbrush for painting the textures and Photoshop for final touch up.


Very good texturin! i have a lot of problem mapping faces…seem you have none! :slight_smile:
I like patricia model a lot…very expressive!


A sketch for one of the scenes. Going to be a Matte painting with animated stuff and shit.


Hi again. Nope we are still going strong. But with full time Jobs, kids and what ever time flies! But we are always strong when it comes to tight DeadLines - belive me. This is Paticias suit. First texture test to see how our new work flow. The model is made by Henrik in Max, then I did the UVs and base texture in Modo (no Zbush this time) but most job is done in Photoshop mostly because I know so well. Now lets see if Henrik is able to get it all assembled in Max. See you soon - 42 days left! /peter


GOSH! cool texturing…i did’t see any deformation on it!! 42 days…time is slipping away uh!?Keep it up guys! looks like you are on the right way!!!:thumbsup:


Another finished piece. Suit for Patricia, and now we all wanna see her move, like soon :slight_smile:


Great work on the suit! Nice form and texture. And I hear you about time, kids, work, etc. But a lot can be accomplished in a month and a half (at least, that’s what I’m counting on anyway :scream: ).


The finals frant head. This is a rendertest in Modo but the idea is to have him/her do a quick head turn against the camera.


the frant looks just great… love the skin shader and texture on it…


We decided to make the minister a bit more alien looking. Concept by Peter, modelled by Henrik.


I decided to check back here after a while of not coming to the boards and I have to say this is looking really great! I would be so intimidated if I was still in the competition. This is really pro stuff.


you’ve got great models here! your frant is lovely and the minister is simply perfect to me ! remind me a little a few a man of the trading federeration in starwars !
I just think Lanier could have a more masculine look.
Good luck to you and your team ! :thumbsup:


YEZZZ! the minister looks like exactly as i figure it! GREAT WORK ON FRANT TOO!


We had to do a new head texture due to some polygon problems, yea you know how it is … And why not do some collectibles.

Model by Henrik Lindqvist. Texture/render Peter Eriksson


Yepp, it’s coming in january!


Fantastic modelling here. Simply outstanding. Too bad about having to redo some of the texturing. With this deadline any lost time really costs. But good to see you going full steam ahead. Love the poster too. “January 2007.” Ha! Great stuff! :scream: