Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


YEAH!! :bounce:


Had nothing to do (joke) but I’ve allways wanted to do a TUTORIAL of some kind and why not post one here. Did a test last night for this challange, just to see how much we could animate with still images. It’s the opening scene with the guys on the Balcony (not the last one that Henrik did, this one has not been showed. We will not use this one in our final trailer.

It’s nothing fancy but more a inspirational thingi … well check it out and tell us what you think! CITY TUTORIAL

Have a nice day - Peter


The crew. The last meeting to determine which scenes we shall develop more.


Peter our story board artist.


Where to begin …


he he, looks like I am in challenge with team of dinosaurs :thumbsup: Good luck folks.

@Peter - nice tutorial there. Bit overdone with street lights, but this kind of work help you a lot I guess.


Nice previz :slight_smile: some good storyline angles there, always interesting to see different people’s different approaches to the same thing. I especially like the EON logo sequence.


o God , I have no chance ,You guys look so professional- my studio can’t stand against Yours…well maybe except amount of beer :wink:
Keep on doing good work and have best luck in Challege,cheers


Stuido? You guys have studios? Our studio is the cafeteria :shrug:

I’m looking forward to your results in this challenge. You really have a professional way to work.


lol, nice insight ^^


heh, what i mean “studio” in my particular case -is 20 sqr m rented room on 2nd floor , lot of papers ,cd’s , books opened on references pages and that sort of things all around my desk which is quite messy too. I can guarantee You Galaktor You wouldn’t be that impressed- as a matter of fact I am not even that brave to share a photo of it with you guys .
but still it is my “studio” :wink:


I was just kidding anyway… :wink: I know what you mean, my “studio” is my 16 sqm appartment.


Yea, I overdid the lights. I did it as a kind of sketch to have something to animate and test on. But it was fun doing the tutorial, made me wanna do more.

Oweron - Nice illustrations and models in your gallery, like your style a lot :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend.



Yeah, my “studio” is the corner of the room in my home office where my computer sits. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the pics guys. They were great. And my hat off to Peter for that tutorial. I really appreciated you sharing your work like that. I, for one, found it to be very well done and a terrific learning experience (I don’t have After Effects (yet) but it gave me some ideas to try in Mirage). Many thanks!!!


We have started to model all scenes for the trailer. This test I did to test the displacements and textures for the train scene. Base model in Modo, displacement and texture in ZBrush and then back to Modo for more details and the final render. Think I need a litte more defenition in the rocks. But it will be a moving shot and from distance so maybe not. Why can’t you animate in Modo, why …


First V/STOL 3D model. No textures yet, just basic materials from Modo. Gonna change the cockpit and add some more textures and details.


like the storyboard very nice and dinamic solid starting point I like it :)) very intersting…yeah nice ambient for work and ideas you have there. :slight_smile: ok let see some updates


GREAT STUFF GUYS! i give my absolute love to the first animatic! GREAT! i say…GREAT!!:bounce: :buttrock: :love:


Those are some great models. The V/STOL absolutely rocks!!! :buttrock: Can’t wait to see it in action.


Solid base of ideas guys! I see that we have understood the book in a similar way. :slight_smile: