Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


A quick concept for the 4th chamber. Vue of course…


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

OK. People’s been buggin’ me about my first shot at the train clip. Fair enough, I agree, it looked like the camera man was jacked up on crack or something. So, without further ado, heeeeere’s Johnny! :scream:

[Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/player.php?entry_id=74102)


Wow! You’ve been busy.

Let’s see, first, very nice test animation by Victor. I loved the “flight” through the tunnel/bore out into space (still enjoying that hexagon theme in this one). Nice work with the nuclear blasts going off on Earth too. One comment: I notice it looks slightly one-sided at this point, with the USA getting most of the bashing (I can point that out because I’m Canadian so it’s not being defensive :slight_smile: ).

Great models. And Vue continues to impress me.

I think the revised train clip is much better. It’s moves really smoothly and provides a nice shot of the wider setting. Great job!


Hey nice work mate. Love the nuclear blasts the really look cool. The story boards are easy to read I think they will transfer well to film. Keep it up.:thumbsup:


In case we would like to show a Frant. I know that the legs should be shorter, but hey - artistic freedom :slight_smile:


Your animations look promising for sure.


Head of the frante is really cool, Feet are a bit simple and disproportionate for me, but is someone know the shape of alien feet? answer: … none! and they’re not describes in the book, so. :slight_smile:
I’m impatient to see The frante move.



very nice very nice, and stron progress :wink:
frante is great and the animation test are promising a lot just hope you’ll make it till the end
show us more :slight_smile:


Great looking Frant model. Should be an interesting walk cycle :slight_smile: Hope you’re still plugging away at it.


Software: After Effects

OK. This is the rough cut of our storyboard. Comments please…

Play Video >>


That was outstanding! I just watched it five times in a row, if that tells you anything. Really, really well done. It flows beautifully, good pacing, and the music is perfect. I especially liked the shot of the two jets flying out over the cityscape. What a great shot.

No crits from me on this one. I can’t wait to see you put it all together. Great job.


Very nice. I just saw your rough cut and I’m Impressed. Has a very apocolyptic feel and the music suits that perfectly. Good job.


Well pants are nice …


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,CINEMA 4D

Alternate version och our storyboard/previz.

Play Video >>


extremely promissing previz, goosebump potential, i almost can see the trailer already. love the dramatic ending of it and how you build up the plot. looking forward to your next update, kick ass stuff! keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:
ps: hahaha that frant in pants is hilarious, love the sketch ^^ :scream:


WOA :eek: cant wait to see the real thing xD that trailer is nice =D you rock:buttrock:


The trailer is so atmospheric, great music. I like the mysterious feeling.:thumbsup:
I want to see more!


That second cut is pretty good. It was nice to see more of the pre-viz footage in there too. But I admit I liked the musical arrangement in the first cut a little better. It had that great build toward the end, and then dropped down just after the logo fades out. The timing worked really well. Still, they’re both outstanding choices. I’m sure you’ll make it work whichever way you go.


Software: 3ds max

This will maybe end up in the final version as well. A soldier (Mirsky?) shooting of his big a** guns!

Play Video >>


Great idea mate ! And then we can include the scene “Frant’s goes cracy on Pratricia” (uncut version plz)!
See ya tomorrow :slight_smile: