Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist


Pre-viz for action sequence.

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Animation test by Victor.


Water test.

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Different concepts and doodles for the v\stol. By Peter.


Cool V/STOL design!:thumbsup:


Great concept stuff by Peter. I think the second one down on the lefthand side below the Boeing Bell is my favourite. It has a nice, sleek look to it.

I tried watching the test videos you posted earlier, but for some reason they wouldn’t play for me. It could just be my system perhaps, but I wonder if anyone else is having the same trouble? The loader page opens up fine into your portfolio, but the actual videos don’t play at all (none of them, actually; and I even got an error message for one). I’ll keep trying a few things on my end, but I thought I’d better mention it just in case something is up with the server.


Some fx tests…
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Actually I had the same problem. I could watch the hair shake test and some of the previous ones but not the latest stuff. You still using the same encoder as the first ones.

this is some really awesome stuff guys. I only wish I could see it. :shrug:


I watched and listened to the early posts here few days ago and all worked fine.
I’m now having fun viewing all Eon threads but this is the only one where I can get nothing to play , so I doubt it’s a codec issue…
Pitty really, I’d like to see it right now…:love:
Promising material here.

Have fun & good luck!


Software: 3ds max

Patricias first encounter with the flaw.

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OK. I’ve used the wrong uploader as well. That’s why all the videos r in my portfolio. As to why they’re not working, I don’t know.
Now, I won’t upload all the flvs again with the CGChallenge Uploader, but instead the next major post will be our animated storyboard, and then the final pre-viz.
I’ll leave the flvs in my portfolio, hopefully they’ll start working again.

Over and out/Henrik


That last video worked fine for me. Looks good. I like the mirror effect on the flaw. Very close to how I pictured it in my head when reading the book. I hope your other vids start working for you, but if you’re posting a pre-viz soon I guess we’ll get to see them all anyway. :slight_smile:


Hey, your vids are working again!

Some really nice stuff there. My favourite was the runner. I thought the motion on that one was spot on. I listen to your temporary sound track again as well. I think you’ve come up with a fantastic score. Very moody.

Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.


Oh, and that teaser poster from victor is awesome.
It’s quite an eyecatcher.
Really makes you wonder what that hexagon thing is, and why it is aimed at earth.



Sketch of city scene. And we are working on the storyboard, just that we can’t fit all scenes we wanna show yet :slight_smile: Modo and PhotoShop.


Some more Storyboard ideas. Pencil and paper.


very interesting and great progress, i like the promissing tests that are animated quiet well. the first dollyshot was a bit hectic, the water and cloud fx worked extremely well, also the flaw previz work great and i like the storyboards and the logo works a lot :). wish you best of luck and lots of fun looking forward to your next updates.
:slight_smile: let it rock! :buttrock::beer::wip:


Software: After Effects,CINEMA 4D

OK, we’re still struggling to finalize our Storyborad. So meanwhile, here is a test animation by Victor.

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Boots. Standard Stone issue. :slight_smile:


Patricia’s hands. In gloves! The fingers might be a bit long, pls. feedback…