Eon (Trailer) Entry: Henrik Lindqvist



OK. This is a pre-viz of Patricias first encounter with the singularity. A note though: The concepts for what the friggin thing is gonna look like, aren’t done yet…

“…stretching off to its own vanishing point, not in a straight line and not in a curve, not moving and not standing still.” (How the heck do U bring that to the screen!?:shrug:

Aaanyhoo… Enjoy.



OK. Our sound guy is on board now. This is his first go at the score. Hope U like…


AGAIN GREAT LOGOS…I cant choose one! They are all brilliant designed! the idea to go form hexagon to the lecters a is very interesting and looks cool!:thumbsup:


loving the new music. im having trouble getting ideas for the singularity too…but i think your’s captures it dead on. its very simple. just perfect.


about the music…i agree with mitchelhunt!:thumbsup:


Great score. Has a real cinematic, almost epic quality to it (which fits the novel perfectly).


Like a lot of ur ideas so far. And it’s especially nice to see an all Swedish team as well!

I really liked the music score so far, but I’m missing a nice crescendo.

This would give u an idea of what I mean
(the music is from the Battlestar Galactica series intro)


OK, some more pre-viz. We’re aiming to have a pre-viz rough cut of the trailer done by next week.



This is a quick hair test I did using Max rs 9 that just landed on my desk…



Another hair test…


Concept for the A.P.P.L.E. by Victor.


Another APPLE concept by Victor…


THE SECOND A.P.P.L.E. ROXX!:buttrock:

and the hair tests are cool too!:applause:


Wow, your team has certainly accomplished a lot. I really enjoyed the storyboards and how they’re tied together with the hexagon theme.

For the train shot, I thought maybe there was a little too much moving around. Perhaps one long, smooth shot moving out the window and panning up to see the entire chamber would work and be just as effective without the sharp moves up and across? Just a thought.

I like the concept art fo the apple. You guys are really coming along on this. Looks great.


I just saw that hair test and I must say I feel a little intimidated. :eek: Lol. Looks cool, oh I really liked the scene in the singularity. Very atmospheric. Geez you guys are making me work hard just trying to keep on par. The hair has a very macguyver feel to it, but that suits a book that was written in the 80’s, I’m really enjoyig watching you guys work and look forward to seeing your posts. I actually preferred the first apple concept you have but I think that it should be slightly longer from the hand guard down to the business end. Even for a Bullpup design it’s kinda short. All round really nice stuff. :thumbsup:


Thanks T. The hair was really just a dynamics test. The final look will be nicer. Although McGuyver rocks!:smiley:


Another truck pre-viz. Driving through a city or alien structures. Not decided yet. :shrug:



Hey, nice little pre-vis. I don’t recall that shot from your original boards. Are you still playing around with concept stuff, or will this be part of the edited boards?


We’re working on a animated storyboard right now. It’ll probably be done next week. More concepts are also on the way.


A test animation. Done in Vue Infinite.

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